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What happened in the sky near Prokopyevsk in 1952? The pilots described the object after returning

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Pilots encountered a UFO in 1952

In 1949, the USSR seriously thought about creating an agency that would study the problems of UFOs. The number of recorded cases was very large and the military leadership of the country did not like it. You bet. Someone is flying over our territory, and what if it is a potential enemy? In my opinion, it seems quite logical to create a body that would control and identify unplanned overflights of objects over the USSR.

For example, pilots flying around the Urals, Siberia, Taiga, the Far East, and the southern borders of the USSR very often encountered unidentified objects. It should be understood that the settlements in these territories were very scattered and anything could happen in the deep rear of our Homeland.

Near Holatchahl Mountain (the Mountain of the Nine Dead) there was a German airport with three planes. One of them, by the way, even took off and was discovered in the mountains more than 20 years after the war.

Pilots encountered a UFO in 1952

To prevent such sabotage and create a committee for the study of UFOs, and with it, quite terrestrial aircraft, probes, satellites, and so on. The most sensational event is the 1952 incident near Prokopyevsk.

In the early morning of February 22, unexplained flashes were recorded at the nearest radar station. The number of objects ranged from 3 to 18. They changed the flight path as if they were scanning the territory. Interceptor aircraft were launched from the secret Kemerovo-3 airfield.

For 15 minutes, the pilots tried to identify strange objects. Visually, they looked like fireballs. One big one and a scattering of small ones. They behaved outside the box, then "pouring" into the big ball, then flying out of it. When the planes flew to a dangerous distance, the equipment got out of control. At the same time, something continued to control the machines. Planes hovered in the sky without movement, they did not fall and did not fly. This is narrated by the report of one of the pilots, who was transferred to the department on the UFO problem - "Lotus".

What happened in the sky near Prokopyevsk in 1952? The pilots described the object after returning

At some point, the pilots felt numb and hot. The light coming from the fireballs was so bright that the pilots were forced to cover their faces with their hands. The whole situation was monitored by local residents with their own eyes. After this incident, a note was supposed to be published in the local newspaper, but it was decided not to allow the article to be printed.

After 15 minutes, the devices started working again, and the fireballs began to decrease and simply disappeared. The pilots who arrived at the Kemerovo-3 airfield were examined by doctors. They had retinal burns. The technical characteristics of the aircraft were normal, and therefore the problems that arose were attributed to the altered perception of the pilots.

Similar episodes are known in history only 3 times. The last one was in the late 60s, over the territory of Kazakhstan. Then a fireball with a diameter of about 5 meters was seen from the cabin of a civilian aircraft. What this phenomenon is, it was not possible to find out. Moreover, the nature of the phenomenon has not been studied. The northern peoples have a legend that these fireballs are spirits, acolytes of the gods. They live in another world, there are entrances to it all over the planet, in the earth, in the sky, and in reservoirs. A more scientific explanation for what happened is plasmoids. Energy clots, which are formed by the type of ball lightning. There is another theory – extraterrestrial. Allegedly, these objects are alien ships that are protected by an energy shell.

Fireballs over our country are still seen today. Mansi and nivkhi (native tribes) conduct rituals in order to appease their gods. As for Soviet and Russian aviation, the meeting of pilots with UFOs is a regular event. Most of the documents are still classified, but retired pilots often talk about strange objects in the sky. Including fireballs.

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