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NSA Report. Declassified UFO sightings by air forces, 1955

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NSA Report. Declassified UFO sightings by air forces, 1955

This document describes electronic contact with an unknown aircraft in the Devon Island area. First, on June 1, with an RB-47 Stratojet. The APG-32 radar received information about the presence of another radar nearby for 20 minutes, but there was no visual contact.

When flying over from the other side of the area, the contact was repeated for 30 minutes, again without visual confirmation. To swell this the exact coordinates of the event

NSA report 1955 UFO

On June 4, at the Western border, the same aircraft had electronic and visual contact with an unidentified object. The head of the crew described the object as a glittering silver object. The contact lasted about 9 minutes.

On June 7, contact was made between an aircraft of the same class near Alaska near Banks Island. The scope return was small and rectangular. The pilot interpreted it to be a form of jamming.

The document still contains a lot of interesting data with exact coordinates and descriptions of real meetings of the air force with real UFOs.

We definitely recommend reading to all those who are not indifferent to the UFO phenomenon.

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