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A neighboring civilization or UFO? Who gives submariners signals from the ocean from a depth of 8 km?

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A neighboring civilization or UFO? Who gives submariners signals from the ocean from a depth of 8 km?

The fact that the World's oceans are almost unknown, we do not cease to remind the inhabitants of the underwater depths. The military regularly catches strange signals, not only in the United States but also in Russia. Today we will talk about these mysterious phenomena.

Signals that alarmed the military

During the Cold War, off the coast of Norway, submariners were literally driven crazy by "Quakers" — unexplained and unidentified underwater objects that moved underwater at a speed equal to the speed of a car and evaded any pursuit. The NATO generals were sure that it was "those damned Russians again!" until finally one of the commanders of the Soviet Navy asked the Norwegians to catch at least one "Quaker" for him at all costs and promised to reward the Norwegians for this.

In 1991, the American submarine detection system caught two unidentified signals in the Pacific Ocean at once. One of them scientists called Upsweep, and the other Whistle. Neither of them could be identified. The "Upsweep" appeared every spring and autumn, and its source was in the middle of the ocean, and the "Whistle" was heard only once.


In 1997, the US military and ocean explorers were alarmed by a strange signal, which was nicknamed Blooop and which the US National Oceanic Research Administration recorded near Antarctica south of Tierra del Fuego. The sound was so strange that oceanologists began to joke that it was Cthulhu waking up — a chthonic sea monster invented by the American science fiction writer Howard Lovecraft. In the story "The Call of Cthulhu", the writer pointed out that at the bottom of the ocean there is an underwater city R'leh, in which the sea monster allegedly sleeps. Surprisingly, the coordinates of the source of the sound "Blooop!" were only a thousand kilometers from the place indicated by the writer.


The scientists were forced to throw up their hands — they did not know what exactly their instruments had recorded. Moreover, they couldn't even guess what it was. It was obvious that the sound was made by a living creature, but its intensity and the distance that the sound traveled under the water, without weakening, could indicate that this creature is truly gigantic in size.

Finally, scientists from NASA came to the conclusion that it is supposedly "glaciers rub against the bottom of the ocean." What does NASA have to do with it, you ask? So we do not know, it seems that the specialists were supposed to be engaged in deep space research. The fact that they were suddenly "pulled" into the ocean may indicate that it is there, in the ocean, that NASA is looking for something that it has not yet found in space. Namely, representatives of other civilizations.

But the "Bloop!", "Whistle", and "Upsweep" signals were not the first to alarm NASA and the military. For the first time, American experts realized that they did not know something about the inhabitants of the Earth, in 1977, when they conducted a test of long-range communication underwater. It happened like this: in the middle of the Atlantic, there was a military ship that received signals sent from the water near the shore. To the surprise of the military, there was no redistribution when they suddenly began to receive exactly the same signals, but... coming from a depth of eight kilometers! Moreover, it was not a reflected signal — it would have been easily detected by the acoustics. The signals were altered, as if someone had picked them up, altered them to attract people's attention, and transmitted them again on the same frequency.

In those years, scientists assumed that some kind of encrypted message was superimposed on the signal. They were able to isolate it, but they could not decipher it. It is known that the US military already in the XXI century with the help of the latest technologies and artificial intelligence tried to decipher it again, but the results of the decoding were hidden from the public. But it became known that the military has intensified the study of the bottom in the area from which, presumably, the signal came. Does this mean that we are not alone on the planet?

Civilization in the ocean.

The fact that not only whales and sharks live in the ocean was repeatedly mentioned by Soviet submariners. For example, the commander of the submarine (nuclear submarine), Rear Admiral Yuri Beketov, retired, admitted that he had repeatedly observed unidentified objects in the depths of the ocean.

This happened when returning from dangerous missions off the coast of the United States. Sometimes there was an unexplained malfunction of the devices, there was strong interference of unknown origin. It was repeatedly necessary to fix underwater objects that moved underwater at a huge speed-up to 400 km per hour. For himself, the rear admiral explained such cases by the possibility of the existence of a parallel civilization on Earth, which has long surpassed humanity in development.

A lot of time was devoted to the study of unidentified underwater objects by a professional submariner, acoustic engineer Vladimir Azhazha. He claims that 50% of people's encounters with UFOs occur in the world's oceans. Another 15% are associated with deep lakes. 44% of the encounters are in the Atlantic, 16% in the Pacific, and 10% in the Mediterranean.

Sailors began to observe the active appearance of UFOs from the ocean since the 1920s. In the 1960s, Vice Admiral Yuri Kvitkovsky personally observed a round orange-red object hanging over the ocean at an altitude of five degrees in the area of the Faroe-Icelandic anti-submarine line. The moon at this time shone from the other side, so the commander of the submarine could not be confused.

In June 1976, in the Barents Sea near the lip of the Western Face, Captain I rank Grigoryan and three other officers observed an object in the form of a greenish disk for eight minutes. It appeared low on the horizon, and then grew to a size three times larger than the moon. Moreover, the radar system of the object was not seen.

Civilization in the ocean.

On August 26, 1976, in the Motovsky Bay, the commander of the submarine, Captain I rank A. Korzhev, together with Captain Uraev, observed a rounded object of an oblong shape below the cloud line. It approached the civilian vessels, illuminated them with a "telescopic" beam of light, and then flew up to the submarine and hovered over it at an altitude of about 50 meters. The sailors were well able to see the horizontal stripes on the object and the bright triangular light crowning it. They determined the diameter of the object from 8 to 15 meters. The submarine changed course twice to get out from under the beam, after which the object flew away.

In November 1976, in the Mediterranean Sea near Gibraltar, Captain III rank S. Antonov, after surfacing the submarine, saw the "moon" on the left course — a smooth white circle that suddenly darted up into the sky rose to 80 degrees, stopped and began to rotate, and then slowly sank into the sea.

In March 1979, the same Antonov witnessed how in the Baltic Sea near Liepaja, the onboard radar detected a UFO, which, according to the instruments, flew around the submarine three times, which was in a surface position. Moreover, the sailors themselves did not see or hear anything, although the object was approaching the boat at a distance of 110 meters. Visibility on this day was more than two hundred meters.

And on one of the submarines of the Pacific Fleet, the crew with the help of sonar equipment found six unidentified objects that chased the boat underwater. It was impossible to get away from them, so the commander of the submarine ordered to surface. Surprisingly, the objects surfaced together with the submarine and, starting from the water, disappeared into the low sky.

Where are you, unknown civilization?

What could it be? There are many versions here. Perhaps Rear Admiral Beketov is right — and in the depths of the earth's seas there are unknown beings who do not want to come into contact with us at all, but at the same time look out for us — no matter what they do. And no wonder seasoned sailors claim that sometimes in the depths of the ocean you can see a strange greenish glow, and at the bottom, even in the deepest depressions, you can see pyramids and other structures, the shape of which clearly indicates their man-made. Even during the last dive of Russian scientists to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, a pyramid was found. This is clearly visible in the underwater footage that has appeared on the Internet.

Beketov himself is sure that if there are bases of another civilization in the ocean, they are most likely located in the Bermuda Triangle — there is the deepest Puerto Rican depression in the Atlantic — its depth is 8742 meters. However, scientists are unlikely to agree with this. Many of them are sure that all the mysterious sounds from the ocean are explicable. They can be made by volcanoes, underwater geysers, or flocks of huge squid that live in the depths. However, scientists also do not give any evidence — everything is also at the level of hypotheses. They explain" Quakers "with sounds of "migrating herring"," Bloop! "could allegedly be made by a huge squid or "cracked glaciers". However, underwater unidentified objects that are detected by radar or acoustics, even they can not explain. You can read more about UFOs in the waters here.

Azhazha himself explained all this with "alien bases". Earth, according to his version, is a kind of reservation that the aliens have assigned to humanity. They don't let him go into space, not even to the moon. But there is no 100% proof, either, as you understand. The ocean is too deep and cold for man, and the water pressure is too great. Probably, only the inhabitants of some supergiant planets, accustomed to the enormous pressure of the colossal atmospheric thickness, could live there.

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