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NASA planned to create flying saucers in Argentina

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NASA planned to create flying saucers in Argentina

Argentina media carrying stories similar to one quoted below, which says NASA engineer of Argentine origin sent to his mother a tape saying that a NASA experiment would create flying saucer shapes in the Argentine sky. Recently, there have been many reports of UFO sightings here.

Argentina UFO sightings

Request that NASA responds to this story. 

To Washington Media, so that the response can be transmitted by news agencies to the southern cone area, where the story cited below will generate much interest.

The following story appeared in the Buenos Aires Herald of June 19, from NOTICIAS ARGENTINAS. On the argentine version of the Associated Press: "Cordoba: the UFOs that were seen over the country last Saturday may have bee the result of an experiment being carried at by the NASA of the US, called "Firewheel"


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