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NASA hid the presence of UFOs in Earth orbit. But why? Report №С05137093

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NASA hid the presence of UFOs on Earth. But why?

In 2012, this document (С05137093) was first published in the USA. Parts of the document were classified for national security reasons. Most of the text in the documents is shaded.

Now it turned out that they were classified because the National Directorate of Military Space Intelligence of the United States did not want to disclose this information proving that NASA was hiding from the public data proving the presence of UFOs on Earth, orbit, and near-Earth space.

NASA hid the presence of UFOs on Earth. But why?

That is why most of the information in the forcibly declassified documents (according to a court decision) was hidden "to buy a little time."

For the particularly incomprehensible, I explain - the essence and meaning is not in specific excerpts, the point is that the data concerning UFOs and published by a court decision were in fact 80% glossed over in order "to gain a little time."

NASA hid the presence of UFOs in Earth orbit. But why? Report №С05137093

Why do they hide the presence of UFOs in our territories? In the opinion of our research group, it is obvious that there are several reasons for this:

  1. Disclosure of this kind of information will require an explanation. And there is no official explanation, while some classifications of the UFO phenomenon have been formed.
  2. If these phenomena are alien ships, then we will have to explain whether we can resist them and whether there were conflicts with them?
  3. Were there any contacts with aliens? If there were, what agreements and with whom? After all, this will also have to be disclosed

And now ask yourself a question in your head, or rather imagine. Imagine that the government of your country officially declares that it is in contact with aliens. What will you think? Who do you want to see and listen to? this information can cause serious panic and the population of the Earth should be prepared for it gradually. People will demand answers to questions about the world order, about how to achieve such technical development, someone will want to visit there. The pile of problems will be huge. Needless to say, this can lead to a sharp loss of legitimacy of the current ruling elites.

Therefore, you should not hope that the authorities or NASA will reveal all the materials to you. There are many ways to cover up the topic. We are already observing one of them, when, under the guise of CIA documents about UFOs, we are given reports based on data from various newspapers and other publications, and not our own observations. Therefore, the most important thing you should understand is that you need to count only on our common efforts. Each of you can shoot a UFO, each of you can show real footage, and that's what we all need to focus on!

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