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Memories of a Yugoslav Army Fighter Pilot about a UFO encounter

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Memories of a Yugoslav Army Fighter Pilot about a UFO encounter

According to him, the army authorities, and in particular the air force, cannot ignore the fact that there are unexplained phenomena in the sky because many of their most modern fighters could not "cope" with UFOs. He says that these meetings have repeatedly taken place over the southern part of the Adriatic Sea.

He also says there have been a lot of messages from very trustworthy people. Along with his own personal experience, this is the reason why Hamzića says he is convinced that "these are not optical phenomena, fiction, hallucinations and the like."

The first meeting took place in the spring of 1972, in the morning. He was performing a routine flight in the Delsina area. The plane was a two-seater, Captain First Class Stipić Dušan was in the back. During takeoff, they were asked to check something. When they flew up to the coordinates, they saw an object that was glowing brightly.


Hamzića could not determine the height of the object, but he knew that it was much higher than theirs. Since this was a routine reconnaissance flight, they were not equipped with the proper equipment to fly at high altitudes or at speeds over Mach 1.6. Hamzića began to rise up to take a closer look at it, and the object became larger and larger as it approached.

He rose at a speed of Mach 1.4 and reached 13,000 meters, but still could not be sure how much higher the UFO was. He says it could have been 17,000 or even 24,000 meters. It was impossible to say for sure. At that moment, the object headed west, decreasing in size, and then disappeared. Hamzića says he was impressed by the fact that the ship must have been moving at a speed of 4000 to 6000 km/h (equivalent to about 2500-4000 mph). Hamzića said that he and Stipić talked about what they saw for a while, but they did not discuss it with anyone else. Even with colleagues.

A couple of months later, on a beautiful summer day, Hamzića saw him for the second time. He was enjoying the day, lying on a park bench and looking up at the sky. He was in a square filled with pilots, technicians, and other members of the 352nd Reconnaissance Squadron.

Hamzica ufo

Then Hamzića noticed a round silver object above one of the runways. He thought it was too early to launch weather balloons. Then he realized that he wasn't going up as he should have. Suddenly he realized that it was a UFO, and in his excitement, he said it out loud.

Everyone raised their heads, and some joked about aliens. He said that most people did not pay much attention, but some continued to observe the object. He remained hanging in place. Then, similar to what he had observed a few months earlier, the object began to move and disappeared. The few who were watching the object exchanged puzzled glances but said almost nothing. Hamzića says that shortly after that, exactly at the appointed time, a weather balloon was released, which, as usual, rose into the sky.

His third meeting took place in late 1973 or early 1974; he could not remember the exact date. It was a night training flight. After training, he was asked if he had enough fuel to check something. He said that was enough, and when he arrived at the place, he saw a glowing object.

Skeptical view

We will not claim that Hamzića did not see anything. we tend to believe that unexplained phenomena were certainly recorded by him. However, unfortunately, it is not possible to identify what he saw. Our research team could not find official reports, investigations on these incidents. There are no diagrams or photos. Therefore, we will not say for sure whether these were objects of a highly developed civilization or not.

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