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Manises UFO incident

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Manises UFO incident

The Manises incident occurred on November 11, 1979, forcing a commercial flight to make an emergency landing for the first time in aviation history due to an unidentified flying object at Manises Airport near Valencia, Spain.

The Super Caravelle aircraft from TAE (Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces), a former Spanish airline, was the first aircraft to participate. Flight JK-297 took off from Salzburg, Austria with 109 passengers and made a stop on the island of Majorca to fill up the tanks before continuing to Las Palmas. Halfway through, at about 23:00, pilot Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada and his team noticed a series of red lights approaching the plane. These lights seemed to be approaching dangerously, which worried the crew. The captain requested air traffic control, but did not request the Torrejon de Ardos military radar (Madrid).), neither the Barcelona control center was able to provide any information about this phenomenon.

Manises UFO incident

It seemed to the captain that a collision would be inevitable, so it was decided to change the height of the ship. The lights followed in a new air echelon, about a kilometer away, in violation of basic flight safety rules. The captain then decided to make an emergency landing at Manises Airport. For the first time in the history of aviation, a commercial aircraft was forced to land due to an unidentified flying object.

The crew noticed that the lights went out shortly before landing. The radar then detected three signals, each with an estimated diameter of 200 meters. The objects were seen by several witnesses. One of the UFOs flew too close to the runway, and the crew turned on the emergency lights, believing that it could be an unregistered flight that encountered difficulties.

Manises UFO incident

Attempts to contact these UFOs went unanswered, and a Mirage F-1 took off from Los Llanos Airport (Albacete). Pilot Fernando Camara, a captain in the Spanish Air Force, had to increase the speed to Mach 1.4 to be able to look into the eyes of what looked like a truncated cone changing color. The object quickly disappeared from view. The pilot was informed of a new radar echo that pointed to another UFO near Sagunto. (Province of Valencia). As the pilot approached this new object, it accelerated and disappeared again.

Manises UFO incident

This time, however, the UFO seemed to react, and the mirage's electronic flight systems were blocked. After the third attempt at contact, the UFO disappeared, heading towards Africa. After an hour and a half of pursuit, the pilot had to return to the base due to a lack of fuel.

Possible explanations

The Spanish Parliament was also aware of the UFO incident. In September 1980, Enrique Mugica Herzog asked for an explanation: the incident was then officially attributed to a series of optical illusions. A declassified official report compiled by the Air Force in August 1994 establishes that the two pilots may have been deceived by "flashes emitted by the chemical industry complex" (more than 100 km from Manises) and "stars and planets".

These assumptions were refuted by witnesses, and the incident remains unclear. The paralysis of the mirage's onboard instruments could not be attributed to the fact that the nearby United States Sixth Fleet used powerful instruments during the American hostage crisis in Iran.

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