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"Leaked" government photo shows UFO of unusual shape

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"Leaked" government photo shows UFO of unusual shape

 According to the American publication Popular Mechanics, US intelligence knew about the mysterious object for two years. But what could it be?

UFO sightings report

The photo is said to be taken from a 2018 report published by the government's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Research Group, the official unit that runs the Pentagon's secret UFO program.

The non-secret image, which was reportedly distributed to US intelligence agencies, shows what appear to be unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP in English),
- the Pentagon's term for unidentified flying objects. the object in the photo was described by u.s. officials as" silvery “and" cubic in shape, " according to the report.

Inside the pentagon's secret ufo program

In August, the Pentagon approved the creation of the research team as the first official government program on UFOs since the 2000s-era unit ceased funding in 2012. However, several sources confirmed to Popular Mechanics earlier this year that the division's work continues in secret after its closure.

UFO leaked

According to the publication, the group has been informing government and military officials about unidentified aerial phenomena for the past two years; and the newly released image appeared in the report during this time period.

Tim McMillan, an author of Popular Mechanics, learned of the photo's existence from "a Department of Defense official who had access to intelligence reports," he writes. Three other government officials confirmed to McMillan that the photo, which was shared on a secure network used by the U.S. intelligence community, was taken from the group's 2018 report.

A military pilot reportedly encountered the object while flying over the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of the United States in 2018 and captured it with his personal mobile phone. It is likely that the weapons system operator in the back seat of the F / A-18F Super Hornet photographed the object, which Macmillan calls "inverted” and" bell-shaped, "and describes it with" ridges or other protrusions along the side edges extending to its base.”

Is the object of a research balloon? Probably not, say two officials of the Ministry of defense McMillan. "The pilots who encountered the object described that, unlike a balloon in similar conditions, the object was completely stationary and seemingly unaffected by the surrounding air currents,” he writes.

In a July article in the New York Times, Harry Reid, a former senator from Nevada who was instrumental in funding the government's original UFO program, said that he believed" there may have been crashes of objects of unknown origin and that the recovered materials should be studied. Reid said he concluded that “there were factual materials that the government and the private sector had in their possession."

in the same article, astrophysicist eric Davis, who advised the pentagon's original ufo program and now works for defense contractor aerospace corporation, said that after studying some of the materials, he concluded that “we couldn't do it " ourselves.” In fact, Davis in March, had informed the Agency of the Ministry of defense on receipt of materials from the “alien vehicles that were not created on Earth.”

And yet, so as not to say all sorts of magazines and officials, the site administration has its own position on this issue. We think it's a foil balloon. An example is given below.

UFO foil baloon

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