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Kurt Russell said that he saw a UFO when flying on his plane

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Kurt Russell said that he saw a UFO when flying on his plane

Kurt Russell gave an interview to the famous host Jimmy Kimmel. The conversation went in an unusual direction, and we talked about UFOs

According to the actor, in the past, he really saw something that he could not explain. Kurt has a pilot's license, so he often surfs the sky in a small sports plane. According to the actor, that day he was flying with his son and witnessed an unusual phenomenon.

Not far from the airfield, Kurt Russell noticed several lights lined up in a wedge. The anomaly was also seen by his son, after which he asked his father what it was. Russell admitted that for a long time he looked at the lights and tried to determine their origin, but he could not explain to his son what exactly they noticed.

At the same time, the actor contacted the dispatcher to find out if there were other planes nearby, but the response was negative. After a while, Kurt watched a TV show about the optical phenomenon of the Phoenix Lights. The Hollywood macho man was discouraged because he saw almost the same thing live with his son.

Phoenix Lights-Information reference

The Phoenix Lights are a large-scale anomaly that was recorded over Nevada in 1997. Thousands of people witnessed this phenomenon. Authorities said they were warning lights from an A-10 plane flying training flights in the sky. However, many believe that the glow can not be associated with the reflection of the signal beacon of the aircraft, and it was clearly of unearthly origin.

UFO sightings. Phoenix lights

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