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Kongka La. An alien base?

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Kongka La. An alien base?

The Himalayas, a country of mountains and hills, is one of the most peaceful and attractive places in India. A lot of people who are bored with the monotonous life spend here (and not only here) free time, traveling, admiring the pristine nature, conquering the mountains... And sometimes, regardless of their expectations or desires, they witness such unusual and inexplicable things that many simply remain silent about it, fearing to be considered mentally unhealthy or susceptible to delirium tremens syndrome (since IT happened during a vacation, vacation, no matter where :)) But some people, people without stupid complexes and fears, still share their discoveries and impressions, trying to explain, to get to the truth - WHAT was it, what is happening? And it is their testimonies that "work" to try to learn more about this world than is officially known...

Kongka La. An alien base?

There are an infinite number of galaxies in the vast universe, one of which is our Milky Way. There are about 200 billion stars in our galaxy alone. Are we the only intelligent ones among this vast number of worlds? In my opinion, this is a purely rhetorical question... Of course not! And if not, are there representatives of more advanced civilizations on Earth? It doesn't matter - tourists, researchers, or our "controllers", "creators"? It seems that - yes, too many strange and incomprehensible things are happening in different corners of our "Mother Earth", in remote areas of mountains, in the depths of the oceans...

Just such a place, perhaps, is the Kongka La. - an "inconspicuous" ridge separating the Indian and Chinese borders.

By the way, there was a conflict between India and China in 1962. After the skirmish, the borders were divided, and the northeastern part of the pass went to China, called Aksai Chin, and its Indian part is known as Ladakh.

Kongka La. - an "inconspicuous" ridge separating the Indian and Chinese borders.

The Kongka La is an impassable, inaccessible territory and a neutral zone. There is scant data about this area, except that the area is practically uninhabited precisely because of the hard-to-reach, lifeless terrain...

Question: what did China and India share on this "piece", what is so super-valuable here, for which military "disassembly" was carried out?

And that's where some interesting information leaks out, which may be the reason for the conflict in the highlands. Locals on both sides of the border report sightings of many UFOs in the area.

Moreover, they claim that somewhere in the pass there is an underground UFO base, over which incomprehensible objects hover, descend, and disappear somewhere in the depths of the pass. It is in this place that one tectonic plate "creeps" onto another and perhaps there are giant voids where you can safely hide the entire population of China and India combined...perhaps there was a conflict for access to these inputs? 

After all, if someone manages to make contact with the aliens and negotiate, he will have an advantage, primarily in technology... But it seems that so far the aliens are ignoring everyone... Or not?.. In 2004, a group of geologists were on a field trip in the Lahaul Spiti area of Himachal Pradesh when they saw a 4-foot-tall robot-like creature walking along a mountain ridge, which disappeared into an immediately closed passage as the group approached it.

In 2012, the Indian military observed a ribbon-shaped object drifting in the sky over Pangong Lake. The servicemen, using a radar and a spectrum analyzer to the object, tried to collect some information about the object. But, despite the fact that the object was clearly visible visually, the instruments did not show anything!

A small group of Hindu pilgrims during their journey to Mount Kailas noticed a lot of strange lights in the western sky over the pass. When they asked the guide about this incomprehensible phenomenon, he calmly replied that such phenomena occur here all the time. Judging by the images from space, there is an object on the pass that looks like a military base. (China, India or...?)

Kongka La. An alien base?

And of course, officials do not comment on these (and many others) in any way events, which is quite understandable, based on the security policy and secrecy...

About author:

Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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