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Joseph Simonton the case of meeting with aliens

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Joseph Simonton the case of meeting with aliens

Joseph Simonton, a poultry farmer, was sixty years old when he met with a flying saucer. It is reported that he received several pancakes as a gift from the aliens who were on board this ship. The farmer lived near the Eagle River in the US state of Wisconsin. Joseph wasn't expecting any guests this morning. However, the aliens still appeared and treated them to pancakes.


On April 18, 1961, Simonton was having breakfast at his home in the morning when he heard a confused noise near his farm. He looked out the window and was stunned to see a silver disk standing in the backyard. The UFO was four feet high and 10 meters in diameter.

Simonton wanted to check the object, natural curiosity, not fear, seized him. When he came out, the hatch on the flying saucer opened, and three black humanoid figures appeared. According to the farmer, they were mute and looked like Italians. The aliens were about five feet (1.5 meters) tall and wore thick clothing from head to toe.


The man said that one of the aliens had some kind of container, similar to a bucket or a mug. He signaled her to pour it with water. He took a container, filled it with water from a nearby pump, and returned the alien. Simonton noticed that it was completely dark inside the ship, and one of the crew members was busy with the dashboard. Others seemed ready to cook on a flameless grill.


The creatures looked cute, and they offered him four pancakes with small holes. After that, they closed the hatch, launched the ship, slowly lifted it some distance from the ground, and flew away to the south. Simonton watched this magnificent scene with four pancakes with wide eyes. Interestingly, at the same time as this incident, another witness was found. Savino Borgo, an insurance agent who was driving to Simonton's farm, also saw a flying saucer.

Simonton tried one of the pancakes, but the cooking of friendly aliens did not affect him. According to him, it tasted like cardboard. Such stories are often called fake because of their strangeness, but this attracted the attention of the US authorities. After neighbors saw a UFO over the Simonton farm, they called the US Air Force. The participants of the Blue Book project came to them.

One of the alien pancakes, Simonton, was presented to a local judge, who vouched for his honesty and reliability. The second curse, Dr. J Allen Hynek. The third was transferred to the US Air Force Food and Drug Administration. After some tests, it turned out that pancakes are made from products from the earth.


A few days later, this strange story turned from an interesting encounter with a UFO into a national joke. The newspapers told about the incident in a sarcastic tone, but people who had known Simonton for a long time believed in him. Hynek first met Simonton, his behavior greatly influenced him. In one of their reports

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