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Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the sky over Alaska

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Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the sky over Alaska

UFO in Japan Airlines flight number 1628. Circulates among some UFO researchers. Despite the fact that this is one of the most famous cases in recent history about UFOs. As it turns out, there were quite a few of them. The crew of the Japan Air Lines cargo plane claimed. That a UFO with flashing white and yellow strobe lights followed them, through the Arctic Circle on the route Reykjavik-Iceland to Tokyo,  November 17, 1986.

the veteran who discovered the radar claimed that the object was confirmed on the radar screens. He said the thing was so huge that his cargo plane, a Japan Air Lines — Boeing 747-was tiny, compared to the mysterious object.

The pilot:

Event Chronology

The plane of flight JAL 1628 was flying "Paris-Reykjavik-Anchorage-Tokyo". At 5: 11 (Alaska local time) on November 16, 1986, captain Kenju Terauchi, making a turn on the course (with the board tilted), put the liner on autopilot. Suddenly, he noticed unusual lights ahead that didn't look like any known astronomical objects. The captain thought that they were Soviet scouts (in those years they were often observed on the course) and did not pay any attention to the object.

giant UFO

But the lights did not disappear but seemed to accompany his Boeing 747. The pilot reported them to the ground, an air squadron of radio operators located in the small town of Telketny (north of Anchorage, near Mount McKinley). The object was moving at an altitude of 35,000 feet, shone with onboard lights, and was observed at 2,000 feet from below (lower than the horizon for the crew). At that moment, the plane was flying at a speed of 972 km / h, slowing down slightly to 910.

Ufo sightings scheme Japan airlines

But it didn't end there. After a while, two objects appeared in front of the side of the Boeing, slightly to the left (one flew slightly higher than the other). They glowed with yellow and pink lights alternately. In appearance, these objects were square in shape. The crew was very frightened, the pilots ' hands were shaking. The escort lasted 3-5 minutes, the object seemed to swing on a line parallel to the plane. According to co-pilot Tokanari Tamefeji, the lights were yellow and white and pulsed at a high frequency.

Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the sky over Alaska

The lights "swung" in unison, as if the two planes were standing side by side, "very good formation... close." He described the appearance of the lights as similar to seeing a "head-on night flight", where only the lights of an approaching aircraft can be seen, and "we can't see the overall shape".

It was clear enough to make me believe that a plane was coming.

Co-pilot Tamefuji:

Flight engineer Tsukuba, who was sitting behind the co-pilot, could not see the lights so clearly. He first saw them "through the L1 window at the "11 o'clock" position and saw "undulating clusters of lights".

These clusters were "made of two parts... in the shape of airplane portholes." He stressed that " the lights in front of us were different from the city ones." He described the colors as white or amber.

UFO sightings 1986

Dialogue between the crew and the ground control room:

5: 19: 15 (JAL1628-aircraft crew): Dispatch, do you have a flight ahead of us for 11h?

5: 19: 24 (AARTCC-control room): Repeat.

5: 19: 28 (JAL1628): Do you have a flight ahead of us?

5:19:32 (AARTCC): Understood.

5: 19: 36 (JAL1628): We have two planes in sight, one mile away, right in front of us.

5: 19: 49 (AARTCC): I see, can you determine the type of aircraft?

5: 19: 58 (JAL1628): It's hard to say, but we're seeing them even now.

5:20:04 (AARTCC): Got it, keep watching. Can you specify its height?

5: 20: 14 (JAL1628): Almost the same as ours.

5:20:21 (AARTCC): Got it, you want to change course a little?

5: 20: 27 (JAL1628): No.

5: 21:19 (AARTCC): Can you tell if the object you are observing is civilian or military?

5: 21: 35 (JAL1628): We can't identify it, but we can see the side lights and strobe lights.

5: 21: 48 (AARTCC): What color?

5: 21:56 (JAL1628): White and I think yellow.

5: 22: 03 (AARTCC): White, Yellow. Thanks. Then the connection was cut off for a few minutes, apparently because of the clouds. And during this period of time, the observed object became a little distant and disappeared altogether.

5: 23: 13 (JAL1628): The object is leaving, we can no longer maintain visual contact.

5:23:19 (AARTCC): Got it, I'm losing it on the radar, too.

5: 23: 35 (AARTCC): What do you see 40 miles south of Fort Yukon?

5: 24: 50 (AARTCC): Do you observe this visually?

5:24:53 (JAL1628): Positive ...(interference)…

5:25:02 (AARTCC): Do you see this object 5 miles behind you? (stupid question, how can the crew see this)

5: 25: 12 (JAL1628): Can't see.

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CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Paranormal Claims) Phil Klass released a premature statement on January 22 claiming that the UFOs were the planets, Jupiter. and Mars is an impossible solution, because the UFO was seen in the part of the sky opposite to the position of these planets, and because the UFOs moved from positions on top of each other to become side by side.

CSICOP later published a second explanation that the UFO was light reflecting off clouds of ice crystals - also unlikely because the sky was clear at the UFO's stated altitude.

I don't know about you, but our opinion is that the commission's conclusions are too far-fetched. The objects were recorded on radar, and it is unlikely that Jupiter and Mars could get there. In addition, there are a lot of witnesses whose testimony does not differ. The case is interesting, and there is a feeling that something was hidden from us

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