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Is the moon inhabited? Secrets of the crater Aristarchus

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Is the moon inhabited? Secrets of the crater Aristarchus

Many people were sure that the Moon was inhabited a century and a half ago. However, studies using first powerful telescopes, and then spacecraft and people seem to have proved that the Moon is a dead, lifeless body with no inhabitants. But the crater Aristarchus prevents us from making such a clear statement.

The crater Aristarchus is located in the southeastern part of the plateau of the same name, in the Ocean of Storms on the Moon. The object is named after the famous astronomer from ancient Greece, Aristarchus of Samos. The crater became famous due to the fact that 2/3 of the strange events on the Moon occur in this crater.

Amazing real facts

The crater Aristarchus has the appearance of an almost perfect circle with a diameter of about 40 km. The outer shaft is very clear (which is surprising), with a height of 1,030 m. The crater is approximately 3.15 km deep. In the center, there is a peak with a height of up to 830 m. Amazing is the fact of the beautiful albedo of the crater, it reflects 2 times more light than the usual lunar soil. The central peak has an even greater albedo.

The brightness of the reflection is so strong that the crater is visible in small telescopes, and people with sharp eyes can see it at a full moon without any devices at all. Scientists are not able to explain the albedo, they assume that it is due to the peculiarities of its surface materials.

Moon crater aristarchus

Until 1958, the Moon was thought to be a lifeless body. But in 1958, astronomer Kozyrev from the Pulkovo Observatory recorded glowing gases flowing out of the crater, presumably of volcanic origin, which proved the presence of internal heat in the natural satellite of our planet.

In 1971, Apollo 15 flew over Aristarchus. The American expedition recorded a significant flow of alpha particles from the crater. There is no exact explanation for the phenomenon, the presence of radon-222 is assumed.

The inexplicable

In 1970, a luminous bluish spot was recorded over the crater for 3 consecutive nights, which lasted for 10 seconds, then disappeared for 10 seconds and became visible again. Scientists can not explain this, and ufologists prescribe the launch of alien ships. And some even reduce it to the industrial activity of the Selenites.

UFO sightings

On January 23, 1880, Etienne Trouvelot observed something like a glowing cable or wall inside the Aristarchus. Apparently, "the Lunites" were building something. In our time, similar phenomena are also observed, but they are explained by the reflection of light from the Earth's Moon satellites flying over Aristarchus. But in 1880, earthlings were not yet able to launch vehicles to the moon.

crater Aristarchus

But in fact, there are many more unexplained and mysterious phenomena associated with Aristarchus.

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