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Interview with an alien. Part 1

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Interview with an alien. Part 1

This report on contact with aliens was sent to us by a visitor to our site. To the email address via the sending form. He wished to remain anonymous because he does not want to attract attention from the press and specialized bodies. The reason why the author wanted to send this material is that there was a need to bring to the public very important information, information that is hidden by the governments of countries and specialized services.

We have divided the article into 3 parts in order to make it easier for you to analyze and study the presented material. It will be very interesting and informative!

In contact with aliens

The contact occurred on May 26, 2021. USA, Wisconsin. It was an ordinary spring night. I was sleeping at home, when suddenly, at 11:00 pm. Something woke me up. I can't say what exactly, and I decided to go out into the courtyard of my house. Suddenly I saw a bright flash in the sky and thought it was a comet. However, the flash began to approach me, gradually increasing. There was no limit to my surprise. It was a flying saucer that hovered over my house.

Flying saucer and aliens 2021

I froze as if rooted to the spot, I could not move, fear seized my body. 2 figures appeared in front of me: in tight suits, they were 7 feet tall, their faces were similar to human ones, but there were no hair or eyebrows on their heads. 

Telepathically, they contacted me and offered to go to their machine. I agreed. A second later he was inside a large room.

There were incomprehensible devices around the perimeter, and in the middle, there was a round object of incomprehensible purpose. There were Aliens walking around the territory who were dressed exactly the same, they did not pay any attention to me. Two newcomers led me to a separate hall. The doors opened automatically, but additional security zones were opened by touching the palm of the hand entirely.

Inside the flying saucer

I was seated on a kind of bench. Telepathically, they told me not to be afraid, and that their goals are peaceful, they just want to talk to me and convey certain information If I agree.

I didn't know what to do, so I agreed just in case. The aliens allowed me to ask questions that interest me. The first question that came to my mind was.

The contactee's dialogue with the alien

- Who are you? Humans or another species, and where did you come from?

- We are the closest kind to you. Genetically, we are as similar as possible to you, but there are certain differences, having said about which, you will still not understand now. In particular, we have a much longer life expectancy. And, unlike your brain, our brain is fully involved. We also have many psychophysical capabilities: including, as you call it, telekinesis (moving objects at a distance without using hands and devices). As for the question of where. We came from, it is quite difficult to explain. From the point of view of your terminology, you use your own developments, which are not the same as those accepted among other forms of life. Relatively speaking, we came from another dimension so it will be most understandable for you.

- So you didn't come from other stars?

- The concept of stars and galaxies was invented by mankind and assigned to them those functions that they actually do not perform. This is something different from what you imagine yourself to be. At this stage of development, these concepts are not yet available to humanity.

- What is your purpose here?

- In order to protect you from outside interference. Interference of another civilization. Civilizations engaged in the development and conquest of new territories, worlds of cultures of other civilizations.

- What kind of militant civilization is this?

- There are quite a lot of such civilizations. They include both technocratic and organic, everything depended on how internal relations developed within the framework of their development of civilization.

- So there are several potential invaders?

- Definitely. However, They have no right to act openly. Again, we use the terminology that you understand. According to the universal agreement between the various races and worlds. In case of violation of the points of the universal agreement, the destruction of such a civilization occurs that violates this agreement.

- What kind of civilization do we belong to?

- You belong to a young civilization of displaced farmers with access to the reserve of territories.

- That is, at the moment the invasion is being carried out by peaceful methods?

- Technically, Yes. Let's not name it a complete invasion, but rather a preparation for an invasion.

- What do you mean?

- In fact, this is an invasion of the management of these zones, that is, over us, over the caretakers of these territories.

- How many caretakers are there?

- You're not supposed to know that.

- How long have you been here?

- Our watchers have been here since the settlement of these territories by your civilization.

- Are there representatives of other civilizations on Earth among people?

- Among people yes, but not in their own guise, but rather embedded in the consciousness of this or that person. In addition, other civilizations live parallel to you on the territory of the Earth, but you do not pay attention to them, you are busy with your own well-being in financial terms, and you are too selfish.

- Where are they located?

- Are the depths of the oceans, mountains, and Earth accessible to humanity? Are you sure you've researched everything? You haven't explored even 10% of what you have. Everything that goes beyond the existing paradigms tries to be ridiculed by your scientists, they avoid it, because they cannot explain, they will not be able to solve the questions posed. We will have to break existing traditions, existing approaches, authorities in the scientific world - no one needs this among mankind.

- How long has our civilization existed on this planet?

- You are a very young civilization and all your knowledge about the antiquity of your world is just your guesses.

- But what about ancient cities and buildings?

- This was not built by your civilization, even now you cannot repeat such an architecture: neither in scale, nor in details, nor in technical execution.

- And where did they go?

- Part of the civilization died, some had to be relocated to other territories.

- What killed them?

- As a result of the war between civilizations, strong fires began, covering the entire territory, and in order to stop it all, it was necessary to partially flood and fill up the territories. This was done for conservation and subsequent settlement.

- So how did we get here?

- You were simply brought here to clear and develop this territory, as well as for its further reserve. There were attempts to create another kind of person.

- Are experiments on changing DNA being conducted now?

- We are not, but there is a race that is actively working on this to make a hybrid of its race with yours.

- Why would they make a hybrid?

- Hybrids are easier to manage. And they have problems with your environment.

- Are there any contact with the governments of the countries?

To be continued...

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