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Instructions for interacting with UFOs

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Instructions for interacting with UFOs in the "Guide for fire protection personnel on disaster management"

The topic of UFOs is constantly ridiculed in the mass media, and various official structures in every possible way refute the fact of UFOs existence, scientists bombard the population with articles on the topic " Is there life in the Universe?", "Earth is the only inhabited planet in the entire Universe", etc., and at the same time, in documents that have the stamp "For official use only", the attitude to the topic of UFOs changes dramatically.

No one doubts the reality of UFOs anymore, and moreover, employees are pointed out to the reality of the presence of alien ships on our planet that land, sometimes crashes, kidnap people or cause man-made disasters.

One of such closed documents is the "Manual for fire protection officers on combating natural disasters", which deals with the psychological impact to conceal the fact of what happened to those people who witnessed the appearance of UFOs or the fall of UFOs or were abducted by aliens. We will make only a small excerpt, you can download the full document at the end of the article

Instructions for interacting with UFOs



In this chapter, we will turn our attention to the very real threat of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The existence of alien beings can cause very real, disaster-like conditions and panic among the population. In addition, if the obvious visits of alien beings and their spacecraft will pose a threat of any type, the fire service is called upon to provide the first line of defense.

If there are unexplained events that a large number of citizens will witness, there is a high probability of panic and other harmful consequences that can occur in settlements when unexplained phenomena occur.

As we continue our discussion in this chapter, we will see that communication disruptions and other potentially catastrophic conditions were directly related to UFO sightings.

UFO discussion — why now?

UFOs (unidentified flying objects) were not included in previous editions of this guide. It should be recognized that the first version of this manual did not reflect any significant concern about the threat of flying saucers since it was released in the 1950s. Now that we are in the 1990s, our attitude towards UFOs should change.

This change in attitude occurred on December 24, 1959, when the Air Force command issued an instruction stating: "Unidentified flying objects are sometimes covered by the press where they are called "Flying Saucers", when such messages appear, they should immediately be paid attention to. Such reports should be taken very seriously."

There is no uncertainty about the reality of the war between peoples on our planet and the catastrophic consequences of military actions. 200 sorties were flown every hour against Iraq in the Persian Gulf, which provided enough evidence of the destructive power of the war. On the other hand, there are many people who may believe that discussing the theoretical harm that can be caused by a UFO invasion is "fantastic", but this is not so for thousands of witnesses of unexplained aerial phenomena. For them, this prospect is quite real.

UFO Background information

Without the intention of trying to prove or disprove the authenticity of numerous UFO encounters, often involving very credible witnesses, including airline and military pilots, astronauts, police officers, firefighters, members of Congress and even US presidents, the purpose of this chapter will be to present a brief history and nature of UFOs and those who control them, including the history of their appearance since ancient times and possible motives for continuing their appearance today.

A look at some of the classic descriptions of UFO encounters in numerous publications in the United States can help us assess the magnitude of their threat to social stability and suggest an action plan for the fire service to overcome some of the possible catastrophic consequences of such encounters.

The negative effects that UFOs can have on cities and densely populated areas.

For readers who are sure that UFOs do not exist, despite the irrefutable evidence to the contrary, it should be noted that there is evidence that various negative effects have been associated with UFO activity in more than one country, including the United States.

UFOs — What are they?

William Shakespeare put a suitable observation in the mouth of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, who said: "Horatio — there are many things in heaven and earth that even Science has not dreamed of." Hamlet was referring to those strange lights or objects that appear in the sky or near the earth and have no rational explanation.

Several theories have been put forward as to who they might be. Some scientists believe that they are of extraterrestrial origin, originating from other planets. Military officers suggest that these may be alien planes. Some attribute them to all-natural causes, such as meteors, comets, sun dogs, reflection light, swamp gas, ball lightning, although they must admit that scientists cannot explain all UFO reports in this way.

Others tend to believe that they can be forms from other dimensions that can materialize and dematerialize at will, and also have technologies that allow them to become invisible to people. Some believe that they are time travelers from the future.

The danger of UFOs

The two main dangers noted with regard to UFOs were attributed to the powerful electric fields that they can project in general or localized areas and the psychological consequences that they have produced on the population as whole or individual contacts.

The influence of the force field

Violation of air and ground traffic often occurs after the appearance of UFOs. The ignition systems of automobile and aircraft engines fail, being exposed to force fields; headlights and radios also stopped functioning.

For example, the pilot of the Piper PH-24 reported that the controls became inoperable when three objects in the form of a disk approached him, Similar cases were reported by military pilots, which is illustrated by the classic case of October 18, 1973, when an army helicopter met a UFO in the air over Ohio, where the UHF and VHF communication was disconnected, and the engine was turned off, after which the helicopter rapidly began to fall, and then it was pulled up by a green-ray from a UFO, very timely to prevent it from falling to the ground.

Communication breakdown

In addition to jamming radio transmissions and reception, as described in the previous incident, UFOs demonstrate the ability to disconnect telephone communications, which was illustrated by the case of President Lyndon Johnson when his conversation from the Texas White House was cut off during a conversation with administration officials in Washington, DC.

The ability to disable all electronic forms of communication, including those that control the launch of a defensive weapon system, the erasure of information from computer hard drives, such as bank records, personnel data, FBI, CLA, and NSA files, as well as important information of any kind.

Regional power outages

UFOs are able to de-energize a city, a state, or many states, creating a force field sufficient to overload the scheme of public and private engineering networks. Few things cause more fear than plunging into pitch darkness without warning; it is dangerous for the mass of people. It paralyzes cities, blocks highways stops trains, elevators are suspended between floors.

UFO activity has also been associated with interference with compasses, instruments, ignition systems, radios, etc. It is unthinkable that this can also interfere with the generation and distribution of electrical power. This happened in November 1953, when a glowing red object passed over a residential area of New Haven, Connecticut, as a result of which the electricity was cut off on both sides of the object's movement and reappeared when it disappeared from view.

Power failures were also reported in connection with UFOs in Brazil from 1957 to 1959, Rome, Italy, in 1958; and Mexico in 1965. Similarly, in Uberland, where the power plants were turned off when the UFO appeared, and the staff could not do anything until the UFO flew away.

The pilots of the planes reported that a UFO has observed throughout Pennsylvania around 4: 30 pm, and electronic engineers and builders
who were traveling near the Syracuse airport, saw the movement of UFOs around 5: 30 pm, just before the global power outage. The glowing ball flew over the power line leading to the Niagara Falls power plant.

On April 18, 1962, a UFO-related incident that was detected flying over New York City via Kansas to Eureka, Utah, has been well documented. The object landed near the power plant and for 42 minutes it was disconnected and the electricity appeared only when the UFO flew away. The object was chased by jet interceptors called from Phoenix and Stead Field in Reno until it exploded over the Mesquite Ridge in Nevada in a bright light that was visible over
five states.

UFO Panic

The second serious catastrophic effect that causes the activity of UFOs, the impact on the population, the creation of fear, panic, flight, and all kinds of irrational behavior. One of the reasons for the strict secrecy of the government's UFO research results is the need to prevent possible panic.

The information that people were abducted, dematerialized, burned, irradiated, liquidated, can provoke mass hysteria. Hysteria can lead to the fact that frightened people will believe that the water was poisoned, the air is polluted with undetectable, but deadly aerosols or nerve gases spread by UFO squads.

Restoring order and sanity would be a huge challenge for all emergency services, their personnel must remain calm, detached, and able to resist the human urge to put the safety and well-being of their own families above the lives of citizens. Even worse, some of the more excitable gun owners may be tempted to "play Rambo" by shooting at UFOs in complete disregard for the damage that stray bullets can cause to innocent citizens.

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