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Inhabitants of Ethiopia suffered from a UFO attack

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Inhabitants of Ethiopia suffered from a UFO attack

The history of observations of unidentified flying objects is characterized by many sinister episodes in which the appearance of UFOs was accompanied by terrible circumstances. one of these events occurred in Ethiopia, its true nature has remained unclear to this day.

On the morning of 7.08.1970 (about 11.30), the population of the village of Saladore, which is located 14 kilometers from the city of Asmara, heard a growing rumble coming from behind the dense jungle vegetation. The inhabitants, who had abandoned their business, looked up at the sky. A red ball of flame, like lava in a hot state, was rushing in their direction.

the wall is more than 1m wide.

the wall is more than 1m wide.

Flying at an altitude of about 140 m, the ill-fated spherical object destroyed buildings and uprooted trees. As the balloon approached the highway, the noise of cracking asphalt was heard, part of the roadway, about 14 m2 (7×2 m), completely melted. At full speed, the UFO destroyed the wall of the bridge made of stone. It is noteworthy that this did not affect its speed and trajectory in any way.

As if nothing had happened, the balloon flew out of the village and hovered over the hill. Then, to everyone's horror, he began to return, causing devastation on his route (parallel to the previous path) and destroying buildings.

The condition of the asphalt and surrounding area after the attack.

The condition of the asphalt and the surrounding area after the attack.

As a result, 8 wounded villagers were found, and a dead child was found under the rubble. They counted fifty buildings destroyed by the ball. a molten cauldron was found in the ruins (this fact was taken into account when calculating the intensity of the heat flux emitted by the incandescent unidentified sphere).

The version that the object was a weapon shell was ruled out immediately since no fragments were found.

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