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In the USSR, a UFO was shot down, hovering over a test site

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In the USSR, a UFO was shot down, hovering over a military test site

1978, the end of the year – at the state central research test site-Gostsniip Air Defense No. 10 Sary-Shagan (Kazakhstan). The S-75 air defense system shoots down a UFO which was hovering over the landfill, by the command of the rocket design engineer Petr Dmitrievich Grushin.


The wreckage broke into small pieces at an altitude of 30 km. Since the debris fell on the" battlefield" of the test site, where there were already many fragments of missiles lying around, the personnel combed the territory for a week but found only small fragments that fit in a small box. They were studied in several research institutes.

UFO crash

The analysis showed that the UFO body was made of some kind of silicon-based material, in which various rare earth elements were interspersed at the molecular level. The data from the study of these UFO fragments and technical ideas were used in spraying special substances on the heads and rudders of new air defense and anti-missile missiles (anti-missile defense). The information is absolutely reliable, according to reserve major A.V. Bystrov (Kiev) - see "Interesting Newspaper", No. 2 (65) of 1999, p. 43. Some fragments are stored in the P. Grushin ICD" Torch " (Khimki).

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