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Churchill's archive proving the existence of UFOs has been published

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In England, evidence of the existence of UFOs has been published

Radar readings, as well as the data of one military pilot, convinced the British minister that UFOs exist. Cambridge University has published documents from the archive of Winston Churchill, indicating that the British government knew about the existence of "flying saucers". Evidence of this existence was a mysterious UFO incident that occurred back in the 50s.

In 1952, Roland Hughes, at that time a fighter pilot of the British Air Force, was returning to base after air training. He noticed a flying object that flew in front of him with "incredible speed."

Pilot Roland Hughes

In addition, the object was also detected by radars: an unidentified object was moving at great speed. In those years, no aircraft could achieve such dynamics.

Hughes reported the incident. Then he was personally interviewed by the British Minister of Supply, Duncan Sandys, who later headed the Ministry of Defense. The conversation took place at the British Air Force base Fassberg in West Germany.

Hughes noted that he saw a flash of "silver light", and as he approached, he saw that the object was a "silver metal disk".

It is reported that the surface of the object was "shiny as a foil" and "without a single depression or bulge." The ship was with a reflective coating and a very smooth hull about 30 m in diameter.

Duncan Sandys

Sandys, in turn, wrote a report to his superiors. Hughes' testimony and radar data were recognized as convincing evidence of the existence of UFOs. Sanders had no doubt about it.

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