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Humans began exploring Mars as early as 1962. Landing video

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Humans began exploring Mars as early as 1962. Landing video

While experts are only talking about the possibility of a human flight to Mars, there are reports in the media that expeditions to the Red Planet have allegedly already taken place. And they not only built scientific bases there but also found Martians... This was recently told to foreign journalists by retired US Marine Captain Jeremy Kay. According to Kay, for the last 17 years, he served... on Mars, commanding one of the units of the secret space fleet, which is under the command of an international organization called the Earth Defense Force, which included representatives of the United States, China, and Russia.

Humans began exploring Mars as early as 1962. Landing video

Their task was to protect the earth colonists from the "unfriendly local population". Under the protection of Kay's unit were five research bases built by Earthmen. Before completing the service, Jeremy had to undergo special three-year training at a secret base located on the Moon. It was called Lunar Operations Command.  As a result, the captain learned to control three types of space fighters and three types of bombers designed for combat operations in airless space. 

The service was not easy. The fact is that the indigenous population of Mars was hostile and aggressive towards the aliens from Earth, and the earth guard constantly had to be on the alert.   In the end, Kay was so tired of guarding the Earth bases that he asked to resign.

The command even arranged a pompous farewell ceremony in his honor. It is clear that this story, told by the portal Exonews, most of all look like an ordinary "fake". But the fact is that there is also other information related to the Martian bases.

Humans began exploring Mars as early as 1962. Landing video

So, about twelve years ago, the Western press published a picture called a frame from a video film shot in 1962 and telling about the landing on Mars of some expedition — either American, or Russian, or joint… In the vaguely taken photo, you can make out a small figure in a spacesuit, who is engaged in drilling the soil. The date was also given - May 22, 1962. The temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, the wind is 21 km / h. The pressure is 707.7 millibars. Normal — 760, no 1013 millibars.

But how could a mission to Mars take place in 1962? After all, at that time, none of the major space powers — neither the United States nor the USSR-had a launch vehicle with the power necessary for such missions. True, the Korolev Design Bureau was developing a project for the landing of Soviet cosmonauts on Mars, scheduled for 1985. But, according to official data, even by this time, humanity was still not ready for such trips.


Pay attention to the first 25 seconds. flight. This is at least the speed of a supersonic aircraft! And then sudden braking.... and as if it's already a helicopter?!! Each time they change the mode, there is interference in the radio transmission, or they interrupt the transmission and start it again. This interference at all radio frequencies is caused by high-frequency electromagnetic fields.

Is this video real or a well-made fake? The answer is quite obvious. If you are interested in the examination of this video, we can do it if there is interest from the audience.

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