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Hidden meetings of the International Space Station with UFOs

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Hidden meetings of the International Space Station with UFOs

For seventy years, gossip has not stopped spreading that the government is deliberately hiding the facts about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Perhaps most of this gossip is really a lie, but there is no smoke without fire, as you know. This article will describe the cases related to the International Space Station and its crew, which were declassified.

According to ufologists, only in the last month have unidentified aircraft approached the International Space Station several times. The government hides such information for fear of unnecessary questions and explanations.

UFO docks at ISS

Space hunter for extraterrestrial civilizations

NASA officials are constantly trying to bring them to the surface. Amateur and professional ufologists dig up interesting materials classified by the United States. In the last couple of years, the most avid "space UFO hunter" is a certain Toby Land. The source for his sensational statements is the camera installed onboard the space station, the video recordings from which are publicly available. Video data from the ISS is constantly being sent to Earth. Anyone can watch them, but if you are careful, you can notice something unusual on many videos. Unfortunately, their quality leaves much to be desired, which is in the hands of scientists who constantly refute everything.

Enthusiasts, such as Toby, constantly monitor the recordings from the cameras of the space station in the hope of seeing real evidence of the existence of alien beings-civilizations. Sometimes they manage to do this. Toby Land recently stated that he is very concerned about the fact that during the approach of the space station with some unidentified object, the broadcast from its cameras stops. This means only one thing: certain organizations are deliberately hiding UFOs from us.

Fortunately, Land managed to take a screenshot of the video several times in the seconds before the broadcast stopped.

UFOs really flew up to the ISS, and far more than once

For the first time, Toby recorded a UFO near the space station on October 7 last year. Initially, Landa's attention was attracted by the fact that two astronauts went into outer space and performed repair work. While watching the broadcast, Toby suddenly noticed a certain foreign body flying up to the space station, completely unlike space debris in shape or design. In the last seconds, Land gathered his thoughts and took a screenshot, after which the broadcast was interrupted. In the photo below, you can clearly see a UFO flying in close proximity to the station and the astronauts.

UFOs really flew up to the ISS, and far more than once

After this situation, Toby decided to assemble a small team that continuously monitored the broadcast from the ISS. During 2014, they managed to see quite a lot of cases similar to the above, but they could not fix them, because the broadcast stopped too quickly.

Toby is sure that what he saw cannot be space debris, since there is no need for NASA to hide it

The recorded moment of the UFO's approach to the space station did not give Toby rest, since many of his friends claimed that there was ordinary space debris on the frames. To understand what was happening, Land mastered some computer programs, after which he enlarged the picture several times. At high magnification and certain processing, the object in the screenshot resembled an alien spaceship from the TV series "Star Trek".

The amateur researcher is sure that NASA and Roscosmos have certain employees who constantly monitor the videos that get from the space station to our planet. If a UFO appears in the frame, they immediately turn off the broadcast. One more question remains: why are the ISS astronauts themselves silent? Perhaps, before launching them into space, the government signs a document with them on the non-disclosure of certain information. Also, the human factor should be taken into account: if serious cosmonauts start talking about green men in the media, then many people will perceive them as mentally ill. Why would they risk a high-paying job and career?

Toby, like other ufologists, really hopes that after retirement, the astronauts of the International Station will reveal their secrets.

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