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The former head of the Israeli space program said about living among people aliens - israel aliens

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The former head of the Israeli space program said about living among people aliens - Israel aliens

 The aliens have made a deal with the US government and are living among humans. They will declare themselves when humanity is ready for this, said the former head of the Israeli space program Chaim Eshed. His words are reported by the Jewish Press.

UFOs were asked not to publish information that they are here. Humanity is not ready yet

he said

According to the 81-year-old professor, the aliens have a secret base on Mars.

At the same time, Ashed is sure that the aliens should have prevented the current US President Donald Trump from blowing up their cover and finding out their secrets. He noted that Trump talks to extraterrestrials through calls to world leaders such as Kim Jong-un.

Chaim Eshed is currently a member of the Israeli Security Service. He also headed the Department of Defense's Space Program Office for 30 years. In addition, Eshed holds a research degree and is a professor at the Usher Technion Institute for Space Research.

israel aliens

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