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George King - a person communicating with aliens

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George King  - сontactee with aliens by mental channel

Taxi driver George King, born in Wellington, Shropshire, on January 23, 1919, had a very strange experience in his London apartment when he turned thirty-five years old. Thanks to yoga classes, he was psychologically prepared for it. Someone inspired King: "You will become the voice of the interplanetary parliament." His first contact was with an alien from Venus named Aetherius. Hence the Aterius society was formed. It is still thriving in many countries, including Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, and Ghana. Then, after a while, George King left the humid London climate to move to the foothills of California.

After the initial contact, King became a direct intermediary for the aliens. One of the contacts was with Jesus Christ, who, apparently, now "lives" on Venus. He claimed to have met Christ on a hill when he suddenly appeared from a spaceship; the Messiah told him several new teachings called the "twelve blessings" so that he would pass them on to humanity.

Aetherians used various accessories, including the so-called "battery of prayers".

With this, we can do what the Vatican cannot. Two hundred members, well-trained in Buddhist mantra and Christian prayers, meet regularly and charge the battery with huge energy of the worshippers. In a matter of moments, this healing energy can be directed to any place in the world

Richard Lawrence, secretary of the European Society, described this system in an interview with Peter Howe:

Aetherians claim that many natural disasters occurring in the world could be much more destructive if there was no release of the energy of the worshippers from these batteries. The internal design of the system is kept secret, and outsiders are not allowed to explore it. In his book "You are Responsible", published in the fifties, King describes his visit in a non-corporeal state to Mars, where he was wounded by a dwarf from a ray gun. Later, he was forcibly taken away to help the Martians destroy a reconnaissance meteorite that attacked their space fleet. In the end, King defeated the sensitive piece of stone with the "weapon of love". 

Many Aetherians, including those who had scientific training, believed and continue to believe in these completely unnatural-sounding scenarios. It is curious how the Aetherius society coped with the information received from automatic space research stations when it was discovered that the conditions on Venus and Mars did not allow Developed oxygen-breathing life forms to exist there? Their answer was that Aetherius and his colleagues were spiritual organisms, not flesh-and-blood beings. But in that case, why did they need spacecraft? Lawrence claims that beings can control energy and matter by adapting them to various vibrations that appear, if necessary, in "solid", and at other times more fragile or even "ghostly" states.

UFO-AC Research group is skeptical about the information that cannot be verified. There is an interview in the BBC archives, a link to which we will provide you. It leaves ambiguous impressions. It is outrageous that the interviewers did not ask simple questions about the weather, classical knowledge, something that a highly developed civilization would have answered without problems. This would allow you to check the information and make sure it is correct or incorrect. Upon a more detailed study of the materials that Mr. King has outlined in his books, it is not difficult to notice confusion in terminology. And finally, why would an alien speak with an accent in English if he transmits his signals telepathically to a person who is a native speaker? Obviously, it's more convincing to look at it this way. In general, think for yourself:)

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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