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Flying saucers over Washington D.C. - UFO sightings

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Flying saucers over Washington D.C. - UFO sightings

The Washington Carousel is one of the most mysterious and completely unexplained cases in the observation of Unidentified Flying Objects. If many observations are amenable to rational logical explanation within the framework of the existing model of the Universe in our world, and most of the eyewitness accounts can be written off as collective hallucinations, then the so-called "carousel" still has no analogs.

In this amazing story, all the authorities took part: from the "most important" to the "last", but neither the US armed forces, nor scientists, nor the government was able to adequately argue their arguments, given in pathetic attempts to explain a phenomenon that is not yet available to the too limited human consciousness.

Washington carousel

In 1952, it was a warm July evening over the capital of the United States. Nothing foreshadowed trouble when the radar of one of the Washington airports – named after Dulles-spotted a cluster of strange objects in the sky above the White House. The chief dispatcher later said in an interview that they moved strangely chaotically as if trying to overtake each other, arranging a crazy race in the sky over the Capitol.

It is clear that none of the saucers did not respond to dispatch requests so that the incident was blamed on faulty equipment and safely forgotten, if the radar military base located near the scene, and after the radar of another airport not detected exactly the same aircraft at the same time. This clearly could not be mass interference on the line-technology does not have hallucinations.

It was reported that the strange objects developed a speed of about two thousand kilometers per hour, which was almost impossible for aircraft of that time. And there could not have been planes of this kind that day over Washington, as the military later repeatedly reported, assuring the public of the veracity of this fact.

sacers swarm over capital

Of course, someone preferred to write off the event as "another test of a secret weapon", but the bewilderment, clearly visible in the eyes of politicians and high-ranking military, certified scientists who gave many interviews to various publications, speaks rather about our inability to explain the origin of these UFOs – otherwise they can not be called.

Sometimes UFOs developed a speed of up to 10,000 km / h, which is a certain period of time that seriously frightened experts and ordinary citizens: it was similar to the speed of ballistic missiles of the USSR, someone even thought that the world was under the threat of nuclear war. But soon the observers realized that no rocket has such smoothness and maneuverability, so this option was simply not considered anymore.

Saucer over Washington, D.C.

For the next two weeks, strange objects appeared every day over Washington, and military fighters were ordered to shoot down the "saucers" if they did not respond to the orders of the dispatchers. This decision was presumptuous because not a single pilot managed to even get to the attack distance: the glowing "saucers" evaded the planes but seemed to be watching them from a safe distance. As the pilots later said, they had the impression that the UFOs were hunting them, and not the other way around, watching them as if they were experimental rats in an iron cage.

Of course, thousands of Washington residents also watched the light show over the capital. The tabloids simply went crazy, because that was when they could finally be frank with their readers – only in 1954 the incident was marked "top secret", and in 1952 the question of national security arose. The carousel continued to spin. Residents of one another reported about the strange properties of objects. Sometimes they moved in sync, like a crane's wedge, then they diverged in different directions in a chaotic order. Sometimes they changed direction without making any visible U-turn, without even slowing down.

Most of the phenomena associated with the appearance of UFOs, scientists were able to "declassify", without resorting to UFO research methods, which are considered unscientific, but for some reason, the Washington Carousel remained without explanation, because after a few weeks, the objects disappeared forever.

Scientists, without explaining the reasons, recommended that the government classify the data about the incident, and the government obeyed, doing everything possible to make people forget about the strange twinkling lights over the Capitol.

UFO sightings

Until now, no one can know exactly what this phenomenon was: whether it was a planned US action to defuse the tense situation, a creation of human hands or a joke of an evil genius, or perhaps a really documented and personally seen contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Only one thing is clear: the behavior of UFOs in these two weeks was strangely unusual for the government and citizens because usually such "plates" did not allow themselves long-term surveillance, did not appear in such crowded places in such numbers, so their actions were regarded as aggressive and hostile.

At that time, simulating such a show was too difficult, the technology simply did not have such capabilities, so the secret of the "Washington Carousel" will remain a secret at least until the archives of the United States government are declassified.

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