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Finds that could belong to extraterrestrial beings

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Finds that could belong to extraterrestrial beings

To date, a huge number of films have been released and dozens of books have been written describing extraterrestrial life. It looks impressive on the screen, but not always plausible. People need proof to believe in the existence of an alien intelligence. There is such evidence, and some of them can drive the most avid skeptics to a dead end, because even scientists cannot find an explanation for some of the findings.

Japan differs from other countries with its extraordinary culture and architecture. Very often tourists are amazed by the inventions of the Japanese, while everything that happens for the inhabitants of the country is the norm. But clay figurines are unlike any style practiced in Japan by sculptors. They are called Dogu figurines. Outwardly, the Great Dane resembles a person: head, body, limbs.

But the very structure of the limbs, the size of the eyes and some details are strikingly different from the ones we are used to. Archaeologists have found about ten thousand similar figurines, and have established their age – from the 14th to the 4th century BC. Theorists believe that these are figures of aliens.


Oscar Munoz has found a very mysterious artifact. And if the figures do not surprise skeptics so much, then a mummy with a non-standard bone structure may at least be of interest.

In 2003, Oscar was studying a small town in the region of Chile, and found a bundle with a mummy there. And inside it is something amazing – a small skeleton, 15 centimeters long, with an elongated skull and nine pairs of ribs, whereas a person has twelve pairs. Where did this mummy come from? Could it be an ordinary child with a defective bone structure? Or can the find be considered proof of the existence of aliens?


An ordinary Betz family, having lost all the wooden buildings built on the site in a fire, found something unique. Among the ashes they saw a sphere, 20 centimeters in diameter and weighing about 10 kilograms. Such a find stood out against the charred ruins and interested the family. They took the artifact from the fire site. Two weeks later, the sphere started doing strange things. She could vibrate when music was turned on in the room, or roll on the floor when sunlight hit her. If you push it forward on a flat surface, a perfectly round ball returns to its original position.

There was a feeling that the sphere seemed to be "charging" from the sun and was beginning to show signs of life. True or not, the Bates claim that strange things began to happen in their house after the sphere appeared in it: the doors opened by themselves, and the house could suddenly be filled with ominous organ music. How to explain these phenomena? The researchers conducted an analysis and found out that this something is an ordinary stainless steel ball. But that didn't explain her origin, or all the strange things that happened in this house.

Betz sphere

In Al-Ubaydi, on the territory of modern Iraq, archaeologists often find "alien" things. It is not surprising, because it was here that the first traces of a Mesopotamian settlement were found. One of the finds became the most frightening against the background of the others. These were statues of the Ubaid period. They depicted a very strange lizard-like humanoid.

The figure was depicted in ordinary, everyday poses, which meant that he belonged to a low class. And they certainly weren't idols or gods for the local settlers. Rather, it could be an extinct race of lizard people. This may sound absurd, but given the age, traditions in the depiction of human figures in sculpture, what other assumptions could archaeologists have had? Some suggest that the race has not died out and its representatives still inhabit our planet.


This is only a small part of the examples of artifacts that could confirm contacts with representatives of another civilization.

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