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Extraordinary contacts of Paul Villa

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Extraordinary contacts of Paul Villa

The photos taken by a mechanic in the history of UFOs turned out to be the clearest and most unusual captures of alleged aliens.


One day (1953), at 15.00 hours, working in Long Beach, Paul felt a strong need to go to the beach, a feeling that he did not understand, but it was exactly like that. There he met a man about 2.10 feet tall. At first, he was scared and just wanted to run, but the man called him by name, soon he realized that he was communicating with a much higher intelligence:

He knew everything I meant, and told me a lot of things that happened in my life

Paul Villa said:

It is said to Villa that the entire Galaxy to which our Earth belongs is like a grain of sand on a huge beach compared to the incomprehensible number of inhabited bodies in the universe..."

The quote:

He told him that he came from a star-planet that we call Coma Berenice. The beings of the ship Paul later established contact with people in appearance, although they were definitely more refined in face and form. They also had advanced knowledge of science and technology.

Extraordinary contacts of Paul Villa

They told Villa that they were here on a mission that seeks to understand human behavior and a catalog of the resources of the planet Earth, fauna, flora, minerals. Willa's next meeting with the space brothers took place on June 16, 1963, when he was telepathically instructed to drive a truck to the place of the landed disk. The disk was, in this case, a mother ship from the Coma Berenices galaxy with nine humanoids-a mixture of men and women ranging in height from two to three meters. Their arsenal includes nine remote-controlled disk drones (with a diameter of 14 inches), which were used for Earth recognition missions controlled from instruments inside the mothership.

Extraordinary contacts of Paul Villa

Some were blonde, some had red hair (like polished copper), and some had black hair. They could speak several languages, communicate telepathically with each other and with him. Villa was informed that their transport vessel was carrying remotely controlled small trace probes and was controlled by instrument panels inside the mother vessel. They could pick up images and sounds from any area to which the instruments were directed, and could transmit information to visual panels on board a large ship.

Extraordinary contacts of Paul Villa

Some crew members carried weapons that looked like ordinary aluminum pipes about 20 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters in diameter, they said, it could paralyze anyone. These creatures told Paul Villa that the variety of spacecraft that are observed all over the world are used for different purposes. And for the fact that I am from different points of space.

These "Сoma Berenisian" spaces expressed the desire that the people of Earth would rise above aggressive tendencies and warriors and live in harmony with Universal Laws. When the balance is reached and peace governs the minds of the people of Earth, then people from other worlds will come in large numbers and share with us their advanced sciences, living among us as friends and brothers in a feeling of lasting peace, as they do in many other worlds...

Flying saucers photo

Paul has never earned on his impressions. On the contrary, he was harassed and threatened, forced to move to the safety of his family. The contacts continued for many years until Paul Villa died in September 1981 in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Paul claimed that his first contacts were at the age of 5, despite not understanding the purpose of these alien intelligence telepathically corresponded to contact with him until the day of the face-to-face meeting in the adult stage.

Although he did not finish the 10th grade in public school, he was well versed in huge disciplines, including mathematics, electrical engineering, physics, mechanics. The photos were taken on June 16, 1963. "The occupants of the UFO " allowed Villa to photograph his ship, which was standing near the surface from 2 to 4 pm, while he took several photos of the ship, framed by trees in the foreground. He used the Japanese manufacturer Rokuoh-Sha with a 75 mm f4 lens. 6, loaded with Kodak 120 " film. One of the remote-controlled disk monitoring probes was photographed by the Villa. He claimed that her story was true until her death.

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