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Earth's magnetic field anomaly continues to grow — what will be the consequences

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Earth's magnetic field anomaly continues to grow — what will be the consequences

Over the territory of South America, in the magnetic field of the planet, a weak spot was formed. This strange area is called the "South Atlantic Anomaly". Its size has only been getting bigger over the past 10 years. researchers believe that it began to divide into two separate locations. At the moment, the threat to all life due to this zone is small, scientists have the opportunity to explore the complex mechanisms of magnetism of our planet.


How could an anomaly have formed

Active processes take place in the earth's outer core at a depth of 3,000 km. they create electric currents that are responsible for most of the planet's magnetic field.

But unlike the usual magnet with the north and south poles, the magnetism of the Earth is arranged somewhat differently. if you look under the site of the anomaly, in the zone between the mantle and the core, it becomes clear that the level of magnetic differences there is much higher. this means that anomalies in the atmosphere directly depend on what is happening deep in the bowels of the planet. Scientists have even modeled possible changes.

Why is this important

The magnetic field of our planet plays a crucial role in the formation of near-Earth space. In addition to the usual compasses and navigation for birds, the magnetic field is a barrier or shield that deflects the charged particles that the sun attacks us with. If they hit the surface, the result would be sad. Many of the particles that fall into the interior of the protective layer are trapped in huge rings of energy particles. They are called Van Allen belts, which create and hold a magnetic field. the inner boundary of this object is located at an altitude of about 650 km above the center of the planet, so the radiation remains at a safe distance from earth.

The Achilles ' heel of our planet

Due to the discrepancy between the magnetic axis and the axis of rotation of the planet, as well as due to the Atlantic anomaly, some of the charged particles inside the belts can penetrate closer to the earth's surface. low radiation affects low-orbit satellites that pass through the anomalous zone, they lose communication. the ability to know its future can help save both equipment and life on the planet from deadly radiation.

If you compare our planet with watermelon, then magnetic fields are a dense green peel that reliably protects the sweet pulp. A magnetic anomaly is a hole that has formed in the skin and continues to grow. It is difficult to predict what the consequences maybe, but it is unlikely that they will pass without a trace for our planet. There is a possibility that the planet's magnetic poles will change their direction.

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