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Did UFOs shoot down planes over Baikal? The story of a participant in the investigation of the fall of the Tu-104 in 1959

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Did UFOs shoot down planes over Baikal? The story of a participant in the investigation of the fall of the Tu-104 in 1959

It all started in 1933. Flying over Lake Baikal on the advanced Stal-2 aircraft at that time, the famous Soviet pilot Mikhail Vodopyanov lost control of the car and fell on the ice. Yes, the plane crash could have been caused by a lot of reasons. After all, cars in those distant times did not always withstand the strongest frosts. However, the pilot himself told strange details of what happened. "The flight mechanic and I were blinded by some bright beam of light. It came from a silvery spherical body that was constantly changing its flight path. Almost instantly we felt a severe headache and it accompanied us until the fall. I don't remember anything else."

The flight mechanic could no longer confirm or deny this message – he died in a plane crash. It was also not possible to get a plane for research – it went forever under the ice to an unknown depth. Later, in 1980, with the help of a research apparatus, the aircraft would be detected, but they did not dare to raise it to the surface. There was other evidence of similar anomalies over Lake Baikal. For example, Evgeny Silyanov never became a pilot, but during a training flight, he was blinded by an unknown object. It was lucky that the guy reacted quickly and used ejection. The training plane crashed, the instructor died, who saved Eugene's life.

The 1959 disaster is considered the strangest. Firstly, because there is very little information about her. Secondly, this case was classified and the vulture has not yet been removed. Thirdly, just before his death in 2016, the brother of the legendary pilot Mikhail Sharonov, who died after ramming a German plane, Anton Sharonov shared the details of the incident in 1959.

By 1959, the Tu-104 had established itself as an excellent celestial machine. In three years of flying across the country, there has not been a single disaster. Among the pilots of that time, the plane was nicknamed "indestructible". But sooner or later everything happens for the first time. There was also a fall of the Tu-104. Just over Lake Baikal.

This time the plane was flying on the Vladivostok-Irkutsk flight. There were several high-ranking military personnel and escorts on board. Everything was going on normally. Suddenly, the pilot of an air vessel makes a request to the center: "Have you fixed it?". After a few seconds: "Rounded object - glowing, moving unevenly." The next message was the last: "Pass...". Then the interference started. The dispatcher asked to repeat the request but in vain. There were no further messages from the pilot.

UFOs shoot down planes over Baikal

The next day, the military gathered to Baikal. Anton Sharonov was one of them. In strict secrecy, the bodies of the dead and some wreckage of the plane were raised (according to other sources, the whole one, however, is not known for sure. The depth in this place is about 1,300 meters). Employees of the Irkutsk airport were interrogated. It turned out that shortly before the crash, the plane disappeared from radar. The recording of the negotiations was seized. All participants in the process signed non-disclosure documents.

Anton Sharonov had the honor to interview local residents. Twelve men told about the same thing.

The men and I went to the omul fishery. There are a lot of fish this year, so people gathered not only from Slyudyanka, but from other villages. They saw the plane. I was flying beautifully, and then something happened. A flash, like lightning. Then the car turned on its side and it began to collapse. So she went straight under the water. All this time there was a spherical (some say disc-shaped) object next to her. When the plane fell into the water, this ball soared up and dissolved

According to eyewitnesses:

This incident was investigated at the highest level. Various structures were connected, including the organization "Lotus" and "Blue Folder". The outcome of the investigation is unknown. But the fact that no one mentioned this disaster before Anton Sharonov speaks about its level of secrecy. According to the participant of the events, residents of Slyudyanka were warned that no one should be told about what happened. But two men still broke the silence and were jailed for a very long time.

Did UFOs shoot down planes over Baikal?

What really happened over Lake Baikal in the 20th century? According to the declassified data of the "Blue Folder", the number of UFO sightings from 1945 to 1963 was estimated at more than 15,000 cases. For sure, not all of them have information preserved, and the number of declassified documents is a drop in the bucket. Therefore, various rumors about the incidents of the past years pop up from time to time.

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