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CIA report UFO Report №00-w-24549

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CIA report - unidentified flying object over Norwegian town in 1952

This report is interesting because of the evidence of UFOs recorded by ordinary workers, after the sensational case of a UFO crash, but in the summer of the same year in Norway. The content of the report is short, and before we move on to its description, it is worth paying attention to the UFO crash incident.

In the summer of 1952, rumors spread throughout Europe that the Norwegians had found some strange disc-shaped apparatus on the island of Spitsbergen. The first to respond to the strange incident was the Saarbrucken Zeitung of June 28, 1952. It said that a Norwegian Air Force air patrol was interested in the source of the strange radio interference. The pilots spotted the bearing and reported this to their superiors.

The research group, which landed on Svalbard, followed the radio expert to the target detected by his equipment. Finally, they stumbled upon a bluish-white metal disk about 40 meters in diameter, smashed to smithereens, but not enough to recognize its original shape.

On the metal were embossed or painted with strange signs, "like Russian letters." Nozzle-like holes ran along the edge of the disc.

ufo disk

Of course, the Saarbrucken Zeitung assumed that the object was a new type of Russian aircraft, and the mysterious radio interference was the work of an emergency radio beacon, a black box.

It was only incomprehensible why the Russians were not the first to get to their plane: the Soviet company "Arktikugol", based in the purely Russian mining towns of Barentsburg and Pyramid, operated in Svalbard. When a Soviet military plane crashed there in the seventies, Russians did not hesitate to land a whole landing on Norwegian territory and cordon off the crash site long before the Norwegians appeared there.

The newspaper "Volksblat Berlin" on July 9, 1952, clarified that the disc was 48.86 meters in diameter and consisted of some unknown metal. And the Russian-like symbols found on the instruments inside the disk had nothing to do with the Russian language. Other newspapers wrote that the Norwegians had failed to understand the design of the disc and had to invite British and American specialists.

The first thing these experts did was to advise the Norwegians to keep what was happening as carefully as possible. Only three years later, an official message escaped from the depths of the Norwegian General Staff, so shocking that it overshadowed even the wildest rumors.

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We remind you that the events that occurred in the report in the fall.

On 18 September, at 14:00 hours, three forestry workers who were working outside Kirkenes noticed a flat, round object, hovering motionless at about 500 meters altitude. The object appeared to have a diameter of 15-20 meters. After the workers had observed the object for a while, it suddenly flew away at great speed in a northwesterly direction.
It appears that only these three workers saw the object; they swear, however, that their report is true

Quote from the report

cia ufo report


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