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An unidentified flying object (UFO) was sighted over URUMQI in 1989

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CIA report - ufo sighted over Urumqi

This report about UFOs interested the agency of the CIA, as a source here is taken a media resource known in China. Therefore, it makes sense to treat this report with a certain degree of skepticism. However, this should be done in relation to every UFO report. even the videos.

Ürümqi City jurisdiction (red) in Xinjiang (orange)

Ürümqi City jurisdiction (red) in Xinjiang (orange)

Serial: 0wi309074889
body country: prc subj: ufo sighted over urumqi evening of 6 sep
source: Beijing Xinhua in English 0619 GMT 13 sep 1989:

Urumqi, September 13 (Xinhua) 0 an unidentified flying object (ufo) was sighted over Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, at 11:13 pm on September 6.

That night Tong Yuwei, a worker in the city saw a dark cloud suddenly light up. following a golden flash, a saucer-shaped object with a black gap on its edge appeared.

After hovering in the sky for a minute, the ufo, bathed in red and yellow light, rotating at high speed, dropped out of sight toward the southwest. During the time of the object's appearance, observers reported hearing sounds louder than a car engine.

Quote from the document:

Download the UFO report

download ufo report


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