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CIA report - UFO near Air Force Base, Newfoundland

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CIA UFO report  C00015374 - UFO near  Air Force Base, Newfoundland

This report is interesting because the UFO was observed for quite a long time, including on military radars. The report was compiled in 1955

Unusual UFOB Report

1. The attached copy of a cable is a preliminary report from Pepperrell Air Force base, Newfoundland reporting on what appears to be an unusual "unidentified flying object" sighting.

2. Essentially, the "object" was apparently simultaneously observed by a tanker aircraft (KC 97) pilot (visually) and by a ground radar (type unknown) site (electronically). While such dual (visual and electronic sightings of UFOBs are reported from time to time, this particular report is somewhat unique in that:

a. the "pilot of Archie 29 maintained visual contacts with objects calling direction changes of object to (radar) site by radio. Direction changes correlated exactly with those painted on scope by controller"

b. In previous cases the dual (visual and electronic) sightings are mostly of a few minutes duration at most. This one was observed by radar, at least for 49 minutes.

3. It is reasonable to believe that more information will be available on this when complete report (AF Form 12) is issued.

Download the UFO report

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