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CIA report on UFO wreckage found

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CIA report on UFO wreckage found

According to the information contained in the report, on May 4, 1966, fragments of an unidentified object were found, the origin of which was not established.

The wreckage was found on the ground near the Republic of the Congo, after a UFO crash, according to the report. The fragment was originally part of an electrical component and was constructed from a 0.010-inch thick sheet of silicon steel.

CIA report on UFO wreckage found

The quality of the document leaves much to be desired. In our opinion, the CIA did not really want to show this document, it is difficult to read, but according to the law, it was obliged to provide it. However, we can make out certain lines that are important to us. The dimensions of the object are 2 "x 2" x 1 ", and it is made of some" electrical component".

CIA report on UFO wreckage found

In addition, the report indicates that the component is electrical. However, experts have not been able to determine its origin, despite the fact that it was possible to carefully analyze its chemical composition. It is also established that the found UFO fragment was exposed to high temperatures. It is necessary to treat this information carefully, it is not completely clear whether it is a UFO remnant of a fallen space component.

CIA report on UFO wreckage found

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