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Unidentified Flying Objects declassified 20 APR 1977

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CIA report 058375. UFO sightings in USA 1952. Unidentified Flying Objects declassified 20 APR 1977

This report contains several sightings of unidentified flying objects. it is important that the report notes that the objects are not known Earth apparatuses, and it is also assumed that the ufos captured in this report do not relate to weather phenomena. The 1st case. July 2, 1952, near Trenton, Utah.

The 2nd incident occurred on 10-11 October 1952 near the Isle of Maine. About 10 brightly luminous object was in sight about 4 o'clock in the morning and appeared several times.

The 3rd case where Contact on the ground occurred in Florida.

Content of document

1. The following is a summary of the current situation with respect to the investigation of unidentified flying objects. Recent incidents include:

a. Movies of ten (10) unidentified flying objects (unexplained on the basis of natural phenomena or known types of aircraft), near Tremonton, Utah, on 2 July 1952.

b. A very brilliant unidentified light over the coast of Maine for about four hours of the night of 10-11 October at a height computed to be two or three times that which can be "obtained" by any known device.

c. Alleged contact with a device on the ground in Florida late two-owner which left "econ" presently unexplained offer-effects.

d. Numerous other sightings of lights or objects which either in configuration or performance do not resemble any known aerial vehicle or explainable natural phenomena.

The rest is not printed in such high quality that it can be reproduced verbatim and accurately, although the meaning is quite apparent, and it consists in taking the described case for study in the near future. You can download the full version of the report from the link below


CIA report 058375. UFO sightings in USA 1952. Unidentified Flying Objects declassified 20 APR 1977



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