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China's Army Observes UFOs with Artificial Intelligence

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China's Army Observes UFOs with Artificial Intelligence

As reported by the Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post, the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) is paying increasing attention to unidentified flying objects (UFOs), using artificial intelligence.

Unlike the US Army, which refers to all unidentified phenomena as "unidentified air phenomena", in the PLA, everything related to the appearance of mysterious objects is designated as "unidentified air conditions". Although in the public consciousness, they have long been UFOs-unidentified flying objects of unknown origin.

China's Army Observes UFOs with Artificial Intelligence

According to Air Force spokesman Chen Li, the frequent appearance of UFOs causes a lot of problems for China's air defense. To understand the current situation, it was decided to use artificial intelligence.

According to Chen Li," unconventional thinking " artificial intelligence will be able to combine disparate incidents associated with the appearance of UFOs. It is the AI that is able to specifically assess what the detected UFOs are-enemy aircraft, a natural phenomenon, or something otherworldly.

Numerous UFO sightings are a fertile environment for speculation about visits to Earth by representatives of other civilizations. However, according to Chinese scientists and officials, UFOs have an artificial and quite "earthly" origin, or they are some unknown natural phenomena, with which, in other respects, their American counterparts do not agree. The US military does not discount the version with aliens.

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