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A bizarre incident with a fallen UFO in Chile, 1998

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A bizarre incident with a fallen UFO in Chile, 1998

It began on a clear day on October 7, 1998, in the small Chilean village of Paihuano, Elqui province. Several local residents saw a bright orange-gold metal "cylinder" in the sky, about 15 meters wide. The object hovered over the hill of Las Mollacas and shone brightly in the sunlight.

The object hung over the hill for about half an hour, and then rose even higher into the sky, made a sharp turn, and split into two parts. One part fell straight down the slope of the hill, and the other a little lower.

Chilie UFO sightings

The moment of bifurcation and the fall of the UFO was seen by so many residents of the village that among them was its mayor Lorenzo Torres. And then the following began to happen. Almost simultaneously with the fall of the UFO, weak earthquakes began to occur throughout the region, accompanied by a power outage. The villagers were in a panic and the panic increased as no one understood what was happening.

Soon there was information that a detachment of Carabinieri (military police) was sent to the site of the UFO crash. Their journey was quite difficult, as it was a remote hilly and rocky area, so the Carabinieri soon had to change from cars to horses.

When they got to the point where the separated UFO supposedly fell, they found nothing there, at least that was officially reported. Unofficially, something very strange was happening there.

Chilie UFO crash

First, the entire area, including the village of Paihuano, was cordoned off by the military for several hours, and second, strict measures were taken to ensure that no local residents spread any information about what was happening here.

A press conference was then announced in Paihuano, where people wanted to tell what was going on here, but it was rumored that shortly before the press conference began, a NASA official was called to the organizers and tried to persuade them not to say anything until more information was known. After that call, the mayor of Paihuano immediately canceled the press conference.

All the events described above occurred on the same day, October 7, from which you can understand how quickly the Chilean authorities reacted to the UFO incident.

Then there was more. As darkness fell, residents of Paihuano and surrounding areas began to report that black unmarked helicopters were flying in the sky at low altitude. Then there were reports of military trucks driving along the roads to Las Mollacas Hill.

Things got even more intriguing when locals saw black helicopters carrying chunks of something very large wrapped in tarpaulin. He was seen by both the residents of Paihuano and the neighboring villages of Pisco Elki and Monte Grande.

Chilie UFO sightings

At the same time, strange "foreigners" who presented themselves as tourists began to pour into local hotels. Given that this region of Chile is not the most popular among tourists, especially in the month of October, all this really seems very suspicious.

In the following days, local farmers, especially the owners of sheep and goat herds, began to face the fact that people in uniform were forbidden to send animals to pastures in the Las Mollacas Hill area. There were also reports of military patrols going all over the surrounding roads and stopping all enthusiasts.

This happened for several days, after which the army from this area suddenly and quickly disappeared, leaving local residents with questions without answers.

Chilie ufo incident

So far, no one knows exactly what happened in Chile. After the army left, many locals came to the hill in question and examined it to find possible debris from the fallen UFO, but found nothing unusual.

But later, when the Chilean ufologists arrived at this place, they found a kind of "big gap" at the foot of the hill, 5 meters long and about 40 cm deep. A large number of traces of military shoes, tracks of military vehicles were found around the crevice, and some stones around the crevice were covered with an incomprehensible "aluminum paint". But it was hard to tell what it all meant.

The nearby El Tololo Astronomical Observatory claimed that the crashed UFO was just a fallen weather balloon, but they did not provide any evidence of this. The Chilean Air Force completely ignored the incident and refused to even comment on it, although one witness claimed that he was personally visited by a Chilean Air Force captain who questioned him about what he saw that evening.

Other ridiculous attempts to explain the incident by the government included versions of a fallen communications satellite, a probe, a remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle, an experimental American plane, or a meteorite, but most of those who saw the fallen UFO did not believe any of these explanations.

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