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Chadwell Memorandum

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Chadwell Memorandum of December 2, 1952

1952 was an important year in the history of UFOs. In the United States, the number of sightings grew rapidly, and some cases involving military personnel were well documented. At the end of July, the Air Force held a press conference at which it was reported that although some of the messages remained unexplained, there was no evidence that these were alien ships. Within the framework of the general secrecy, everything was very difficult.

Marshall Chadwell

Marshall Chadwell was the director of the CIA division, which was engaged in scientific intelligence and was very interested in this problem.

At present, reports of incidents convince us that something is happening that should be immediately paid attention to…

Observations of unexplained objects at high altitudes and at high speed in the immediate vicinity of the main defensive structures of the United States have such a character as if they are not related to natural phenomena or known types of aircraft.

In a note addressed to the Director of the CIA, General Walter Bedell Smith, Chadwell writes:

This statement requires very close attention. Before us is another comment by a high-ranking American official that UFOs are real and probably have an artificial origin. Perhaps even controlled by the mind and, obviously, not ours. The version that these are Soviet objects was not seriously considered. If these are not American, Soviet, or natural phenomena, and if they seem to be a product of technology and are controlled by reason - a natural answer suggests itself. Chadwell's memorandum clearly shows that he understood this. And it is clear that he was reluctant to admit the obvious.

Chadwell Memorandum of December 2, 1952Chadwell Memorandum

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