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Briton Paula Smith claims she was abducted by aliens

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Briton Paula Smith claims she was abducted by aliens

The woman's name is Paula Smith, she lives in the county of West Yorkshire. Recently (although this concept is relative) an interview with her was published in the British newspaper The Daily Star, which for some people cannot be an authoritative source of information. Nevertheless, we find it interesting to analyze what this contact said. Paula claims that she has been abducted about 52 times in her life, with the first abduction occurring when she was a very young 6-year-old girl. The woman claims that modern technologies, such as a touch screen, holograms, aliens showed her long before the appearance of these in the modern world.

Paula Smith

She saw the sensor devices when she was on the alien ship. The aliens showed her a slide show with virgin landscapes, on which there was a beautiful river, which then turned black. The sky suddenly turned blood-red, and soon Paula realized that this was a film about how the Earth is being destroyed due to human greed

Retelling the essence of her words:

But let's go back to the very first incident with the abduction of a little girl by aliens at that time. In 1982, Paula Smith was walking near a wooded area located near her home. She walked along a path that gradually narrowed as she moved forward, the narrowing became so small that only one person could walk along the path. Suddenly, Paula saw a boomerang-shaped UFO flying over the tops of the trees. This UFO had three beams, a light was burning at the end of each of the beams. She remembered that there was a red color and a green one, she didn't remember the third one. Paula Smith noted that this UFO reminded her of the blade of an ordinary airplane. Each wing was about 30 feet wide and the same height. All this action took place completely silently.
Frightened, Paula wanted to run away, but her body began to shake. The ground began to move away from under her feet, and the girl lost consciousness. Afterward, Paula was taken home by strangers. Worried parents tried to ask Paula about where she was and what happened, but the attempts were in vain because she did not remember anything. She was told that 4 hours had passed since her disappearance.

As noted above, the abductions did not end there. They began to occur regularly, however, according to Paula Smith, there was no system or identification marks preceding such an abduction. They just happened. She was abducted both from her bed and at the window. And all this is not the most pleasant thing that can happen in the life of each of you.

As you understand, no one wants to take her word for it, so Paula decided to provide evidence. First of all, she photographed the bruises received as a result of the alien abduction.

Paula used bruises on her hands as proof that she was abducted by aliens

Paula Smith claims that the bruises were not obtained as a result of any experiments on her, but are the result of the aliens holding her hand tightly.

Additionally, Paula photographed a UFO that visited her (or maybe not) and provided these photos. Within the framework of this article, we will not analyze these images, since their origin is difficult to identify at the initial stage.

UFO by Paula Smith

So what really happened? UFO-AC Research Group believes that the cases of kidnappings, in this case, are far-fetched. The first time the girl saw the plane, she says two things in favor of this:

  1. Walking in the forest, you do not look at the crowns of trees, and even more so at the sky, because the forest is dense and the same, the sky is almost invisible, most people look at their feet so as not to step on a snake or any animal. Accordingly, it is almost impossible to pay attention to a silent object by 99%, we believe that she raised her head precisely because of the presence of sound from the engines.
  2. The described lights on UFOs are typical aircraft marker lights. Red and green lights are placed on the edges so that in-flight pilots of other vessels can distinguish which way the plane is flying. She didn't remember the third color because it was white, like on other planes.

As for her disappearance for 4 hours and the description of what happened to her, it is quite obvious that she fainted. This could happen for various reasons. Even an excess of oxygen in the forest can cause dizziness and this has long been a well-known fact. Having fainted, she could have lain unconscious for a sufficient amount of time. Then they found her. Everything is logical and understandable.

As for the cases of abduction that are modern for her, it is also obvious here that bruises can in no way be proof of anything. They can be placed either accidentally or intentionally. Drawing from memory is also not proof. In addition, we have questions for those who interviewed Paula Smith. Why didn't anyone ask, and what exactly did the aliens tell her for 52 abductions? Have you shown a touch screen and a slide show 52 times? For what purpose do kidnappings if nothing is heard? Does she have any influence on world politics or is she a media personality?

Obviously, representatives of a higher civilization will not kidnap a person for the sake of kidnapping. Everything has a purpose. That is why we do not consider this case convincing. What was Paula's goal? Probably, in order not to look crazy, the lie dragged on, or maybe there were more mercantile goals. We will not judge. But for us, this story is obvious. You should not trust all the evidence of kidnappings, and enter them into the database in order to distort statistical materials.

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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