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Cooked alive by UFO rays or a terrible incident in Brazil

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Boiled alive by UFO rays or a terrible incident in Brazil. Arasariguama incident

This story happened in 1946, but it appeared in the press only in 1971, it was an article in a French magazine about paranormal phenomena "Phénomènes Spatiaux". Brazilian ufologist Irineu Silveira and researcher Filipe Machado Carrion told about it.

On the afternoon of March 4, 1946, 44-year-old Brazilian farmer Joao Prestes Filho was returning from fishing with his friend Salvador dos Santos. They rode unhurriedly on a horse-drawn cart. In the village of Filino, where he lived with his wife and five children, meanwhile, there were almost no people left, as the carnival season began and people hurried to the neighboring town for the festivities. This may explain why the injured Filho could not immediately get help.

Filho said goodbye to his friend, got home safely, put the horse in the stall, poured her corn, and then went to cook his dinner. Filho was not interested in carnival, that's why he stayed all alone in the house that evening. Suddenly, the man felt that someone was watching him. it was a distinct and strong feeling. He looked out the window and saw a bright object in the sky. He didn't even have time to really look at it, as suddenly a shining ray came out of the object, which was unbearably hot.

Filho felt as if he had been dipped in boiling water. He instinctively covered his face with his hands, and then fell to his knees. After a moment, the beam disappeared, but Filho felt himself engulfed in flames. He could feel his beard burning, and his whole body was burning and aching badly.

In a panic, the man jumped out and ran barefoot to the neighboring village. He covered about two kilometers, suffering from unbearable pain and feeling his skin melt and peel off his body in chunks. When he reached the village and his sister's house, he looked like a character in a horror movie. His legs were covered in blood because he had injured himself on sharp rocks, however, he was still conscious and asked for help.

Filho broke into his sister's house and then his strength left him and he fell. They put him on the bed and then called the police. When the policeman Joao Malakias came, Filho told him about it. what happened to him and that the attacker was "from another world".

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Everyone who saw the unfortunate farmer that evening said that his skin looked like it was boiled in a pot of boiling water. It was red, and in the places where it came off, reddened flesh was visible. According to the memoirs of Filho's nephew, who was a child at the time, people said that his uncle was dying and he was forbidden to go into the house and look at him, he looked so scary. He heard his father say that Filho was only scalded to the waist, and everything was fine below the waist.

Filho's brother, Virgilio Francisco Alves, said that the victim's skin looked like it was toasted and was reddish, he could barely speak. His hands were twisted and also seemed to be scalded or burned, but the hair on his head was not damaged and his clothes were also in order. Then Filho was taken to the hospital in the city of Santana de Parnaiba and then his family last saw him alive. According to the nephew, when Filho was put on the bed, the sheet immediately darkened, as the fumes from the skin got on her or from something else.

An hour later Filho became very ill, he looked like a victim of a fire and his skin was no longer red, but quickly darkened, as if an infection was beginning. Confused doctors did not understand what had happened to him and could not give him the correct diagnosis. Filho's condition was getting worse by the hour and now he looked so terrible, as if he was decomposing alive.

One of the orderlies described that when Filho was a few hours away from death, pieces of flesh began to fall off his fingers, exposing bare bones and tendons. And then the same thing happened to the nose, lips, ears and even eyelids. Chunks of flesh flaked off and fell away. Filho's entire bunk was covered with small but numerous pieces of his dying body.

At the same time, Filho himself did not seem to feel pain anymore, which was also very strange. He did not moan, did not scream and could talk normally, until pieces of flesh began to fall from his jaws. Around 22.00 on March 4, Filho died and the cause of his death was called "cardiac collapse". His last words were to give him a glass of water.

Brazilian ufologists and researchers from other countries are still arguing about what happened to the farmer and whether he was a victim of a UFO attack or suffered from completely human weapons, including extremely high doses of radiation.

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