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Blood rain and UFOs in Nice

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Blood rain and UFOs in Nice

On August 5, 1608, three flat objects in the shape of an elongated oval appeared in the sky. Later they went down to the water. According to eyewitnesses, the water under the objects began to boil. 

The whole "show" was accompanied by a terrible roar. The townspeople gathered in the harbor and watched in a daze. Two figures dressed in red suits came out of the facility. They had big heads and glowing holes where their eyes should have been. Then they rose into the sky and disappeared over the horizon at high speed

For some unknown reason, red drops fell from the sky for the next week. Therefore, the townspeople prayed in churches for forty days to get rid of this incomprehensible horror. Thanks to the records in the church books, the evidence of the "contact" has reached us.

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