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Betty Andreasson: alien abduction in Massachusetts

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Betty Andreasson: alien abduction in Massachusetts

This happened in 1967, by the way, you can check the cases for this year related to UFOs or aliens using the tag system at the end of the article. it was an ordinary winter night, on the calendar of January 25. In South Ashburn, Massachusetts.

Betty Andreeson: Alien Abduction in Massachusetts

Betty Andreasson was doing household chores in the kitchen, while her seven children, mother, and father were in the living room. Around 6:30 p.m., the lights in the house went out. A strange bright red beam of light pierced the darkness and entered the house through the kitchen window. The sudden darkness really scared the children and Betty ran into the living room to calm the children down.

Father Andreasson went to the kitchen to find the source of the mysterious red light. He was surprised when he saw five foreign creatures that were rapidly approaching their home. Before he could recover from the shock, another shock awaited him. The intruders entered the house right before his eyes through the closed front door.

Further events are hard to imagine: the whole family, except for Betty, fell into a state of suspended animation. One of the creatures went to the father of the family, and another of the aliens present established a telepathic connection with the woman.

Alien Abduction in Massachusetts

It seemed that the main alien in the group was standing next to her. It was about five feet tall. The other four were a foot shorter. All the creatures had pear-shaped heads, wide-open eyes, and very small ears and noses. Their mouths were slits that didn't move during the conversation. All communication took place not through speech, but through consciousness.

The creatures were dressed in blue jumpsuits with a wide belt. A bird logo was visible on the sleeves. On his feet were high boots. The aliens had only three fingers on their hands. The aliens didn't move like humans, they seemed to hover above the ground as they moved. Betty later recalled that, despite her initial fright, she felt calm and even sympathetic towards the mysterious creatures.

aliens abduction

The seven children were still immobile, and Betty was very worried about them. When the aliens noticed her experience, they returned one of the girls, the woman's 11-year-old daughter, to normal physical form, thus proving that the children are not in danger.

The aliens took Betty Andreasson to the flying machine, which was located in the backyard. The object was a classic "saucer" shape about 20 feet in diameter.

It seemed to the woman that after she boarded, the saucer joined another "mother" ship. Betty was subjected to a full medical examination using equipment that was incomprehensible to her. The biomaterial particles were then taken from her, and Andresson recalls that it was a painful procedure.

Four hours later, the woman returned home, her family still in suspended animation. One of the aliens was in the house, apparently, he was looking after the rest of the family. Soon, the strange creature brought the children and Betty's parents out of their trance state and left.

aliens abduction

The abducted woman later claimed that the aliens had inspired her to forget about everything that was happening on the flying saucer. All she remembered was the power outage, the red light, and the aliens entering her house.

Until this mysterious evening, Betty had no idea about UFOs. She was a true Christian and had long believed that the kidnapping had a religious significance. Much later, she realized that it was the work of alien beings.

Eight years later, Betty met Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who dealt with such cases and made them public. Her story did not immediately reach the public due to the many unusual details of the incident. It wasn't until January 1977 that the story of Betty's abduction was fully investigated.

The investigative team working on the Henrisson case consisted of a nuclear physicist, an electronics engineer, an aerospace engineer, a telecommunications specialist, and a UFO investigator. In addition, psychiatrists and psychotherapists-specialists in hypnosis — were involved. The investigation of this incident lasted for a whole year. During this time, Betty passed an incredible number of tests, twice she was tested on a lie detector and 14 times plunged into a state of regressive hypnosis.

aliens abduction

The results of this study were startling. Betty and her daughter gave detailed testimony about the encounter with the aliens. The results of the investigation consist of 528 pages of scientific reports, based on which, it is safe to say that mother and daughter Henrisson, being in their right mind and solid memory, communicated with the aliens. The investigation of Betty's abduction is still being studied by ufologists.

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