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Astronaut James McDivitt captured a UFO?

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Astronaut James McDivitt captured a UFO?

In June 1965, the Gemini-4 spacecraft went into orbit. Astronauts James McDivitt and Edward White had to spend four days in space and carry out the procedure of spacewalking, thus reproducing and blocking the previous achievements of the USSR.

James McDivitt - astronaut saw a UFO


On the second day of the flight, when the ship was passing over Hawaii, McDivitt reported that he saw an object that looked like a "beer can with a handle". He himself told about it like this: 

I flew with Ed White. He was asleep at the time, so I don't have anyone who can confirm my story. We were drifting in space with the engines and instruments turned off, when an object suddenly appeared in the porthole. It was definitely cylindrical in shape and was white; it also had a long handle that stuck out from the side. I do not know if it was a very small object nearby or a very large object in the distance from us.

I had nothing to compare it with. So I really don't know how big it was. We had two cameras, which at that time were just floating in a spaceship, I grabbed one and photographed the object, then grabbed the other and also photographed it. Then I turned on the control systems, because I was afraid that we might collide with an object. At that moment <... > The sun shone on the porthole of the ship. The glass was dirty, like in a car, so it was impossible to see anything through it. I started the orientation engines and turned the ship so that the porthole was again in the dark, but the object disappeared.

Later, I contacted the operators and told them what had happened, and they checked their records about the space debris that was flying around, but could not determine what it could be

Here's what he said:

Here, in fact, is the very picture of a UFO taken by McDivitt. At first glance, it resembles a cigar-shaped UFO. Let's continue to understand the truth of this question.

Here, in fact, is the very picture of a UFO taken by McDivitt. At first glance, it resembles a cigar-shaped UFO. Let's continue to understand the truth of this question.

The news got into the tabloids, and the astronaut became a" star " of ufology. Of course, NASA had to somehow react to the hype, and it was stated that he had seen the second stage of the Titan-2 launch vehicle (Titan II), which put the ship into orbit. It is clear that the explanation caused disbelief: is the astronaut so poorly prepared that he cannot identify the part of his rocket?

Titan II)

Titan II

McDivitt himself denied the possibility of confusion. And yet, such a possibility, as the cosmonautics historian James Oberg points out in the article, cannot be excluded. The encounter with the UFO lasted only half a minute, and most of the time the astronaut was fiddling with the cameras. The sunlight was beating on his face; his eyes were watering because of the pure oxygen used in American ships.

In such conditions, it is difficult to identify something correctly. What about the photos? NASA specialists studied the film and selected a picture that, in their opinion, corresponded to McDivitt's story. However, instead of a mysterious white cylinder, a glowing "tadpole" was found on it, which was interpreted as a solar flare on the porthole. It seemed that the researchers should have been disappointed, but it was not there: a prominent ufologist George Fawcett immediately stated that the astronaut had photographed "several strange objects, including an egg-shaped UFO with exhaust."

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