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Analysis of official NASA images confirms the presence of UFOs on the moon.

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Analysis of official NASA images confirms the presence of UFOs on the moon.

The NASA catalog contains many images, including those related to the Apollo lunar mission.  Some of them have images of strange objects that turned out to be unidentified.   And if you know the number of the official photo, then you can find the necessary photos through the GOOGLE search engine and make sure yourself that there are such images.

Analysis of official NASA images confirms the presence of UFOs on the moon.

For example, a NASA image that has an official catalog number "AS10-33-4904" gives us an image of a giant unidentified cigar-shaped object near one of the lunar craters on the far side of the moon. To compare the size, we can say that the diameter of the crater is 10 kilometers. Nearby, you can see two other smaller objects that have a round shape. Viewing this photo is also possible via the link

cigar-shaped object

cigar-shaped object


Strange light phenomena can also be found in the image under the numbers "AS12-51-7521" and "AS12-51-7553" all in the same NASA catalog.   Another strange light phenomenon appeared in the photo "AS17-149-22810".


A certain spherical object, which, moreover, changed its location, moving over the lunar surface, is clearly visible on the images "AS15-96-13063 "and" AS15-96-13064 "of the Apollo-15 mission.



And yet, the NASA catalog has already been pretty "cleaned up" and I could not find some photos that ufologists refer to.  For example, here are these photos of the secret mission "Apollo-20", which, in general, is not surprising.

UFO sightings

It would be amazing if these photos with the image of a huge cigar-shaped object of obviously artificial origin on the surface of the Moon would be freely available. However, such an object is easily detected on another official photo from the NASA catalog - "AS15-P-9625". Don't you believe it? Then download this photo yourself via the link and then zoom in on it and then in the middle part you will find, although not so clear, but an image of the same cigar-shaped object that ufologists identify as an "ancient spaceship".

In any case, even by analyzing the freely available NASA photos, it can be concluded that there are some abnormal light phenomena on the Moon, strange and unidentified objects, the final conclusion about the nature of which is still premature to make. However, we can already say that all of them have nothing to do with the technocratic activities of our civilization.

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