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An American destroyer opened fire on several UFOs off the coast of California

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An American destroyer opened fire on several UFOs off the coast of California

An American warship opened fire on several UFOs that terrorized US Navy destroyers off the coast of California for several weeks in 2019. A series of meetings with a group of UFOs occurred in July 2019, when up to six mysterious aircraft swarmed over several US Navy warships near the secret Channel training area in the Channel Islands.

Initially, it was reported that these groups of UFOs harassed US ships for several days in mid-July, but new documents show that UFOs flew near US ships with impunity throughout the month.

Small Craft Response Team

According to new information, on July 20, the USS Russell fired five shots at UFOs that could fly at speeds of up to 80 km / h and cover a distance of at least 200 km in one flight, which significantly exceeds the capabilities of any commercially available unmanned aerial vehicle.

The US Navy destroyer "Russell" collided with drones around 9.30 am on July 20 and fired five shots around 11 am, of which 1 misfire was recorded, and 4 did not hit the target.

Two days later, on July 23, at 10.30 am, the USS Russell sent a team of "ghostbusters" - a device for combating unmanned aerial vehicles in the form of a rifle, which jammed radio frequencies between the drone and its operator, but no positive results were obtained.

The USS Russell has also dispatched a "Small Craft Response Team" or SCAT, which provides 360-degree protection for ships and is commonly used for small boat attacks. At the same time, the USS Bunker Hill also sent SCAT and SNOOPIE commands. However, they were unable to drive away a group of UFOs.

The Navy was unable to identify this group of UFOs during the investigation.

The fact that a group of US Navy ships were subjected to a "UFO attack" became known after director Jeremy Corbell published a series of photographs showing a triangular-shaped UFO flying over the superstructure of the USS Russell. The Ministry of Justice confirmed that the footage was taken by the ship's crew.

 An American destroyer opened fire on several UFOs off the coast of California

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