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American William Tompkins said publicly that he worked with aliens

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American William Tompkins said publicly that he worked with aliens

And this statement became a sensation. Because the scientist declassified contacts with an extraterrestrial civilization. 

Today, scientists are observing an increase in volcanic activity all over the planet. On December 25, Mount Etna woke up in Sicily for the third time in a year! Since the spring of 2018, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been erupting. Lava flows dried up the whole lake. And they increased the area of Bolshoy Island by several kilometers. In Guatemala, on July 8, the Fuego volcano spewed a column of ash, 10 kilometers high. Another eruption occurred on November 19. On December 17, the Popocatepetl volcano woke up 70 km from Mexico City. Seismic activity is increasing under the Tambora volcano in Indonesia. The Yellowstone supervolcano in America is gaining strength.


It is generally believed that the activity of volcanoes is influenced by the sun. But in 2018, there were even fewer flashes on our luminary than usual. So what excites the earth? There is no answer to this question. There is a hypothesis. Unusual. Perhaps a parallel world is to blame for the natural disasters that have overwhelmed the earth. And scientists on earth have already learned to penetrate into these worlds and modify them.

Parallel world

William Tompkins, the American media claim that he was one of the most classified scientists in the United States. Tompkins designed the first marine, and then spacecraft. In July 2017, at a press conference and made an unprecedented statement.

He worked for the Douglas firm with aliens. It was 4-7 years before NASA appeared. Two years before the interview, he wrote a book about working together with an alien civilization. And this message caused a shock. Journalists were hunting for an engineer, demanding to talk about the role of alien intelligence in a secret space program.

In addition to these statements, Tompkins claimed that during the Second World War, the Nazis received technology from aliens, thanks to which they were able to build huge underground factories in Antarctica. Tens of thousands of workers were taken there. "Flying saucers" were made at these factories.

These technologies were transferred to Germany by the Reptilian Dragon civilization

Tompkins said:

They built spaceships in Germany during the war, they trained Germans. Draco's plan was to eliminate people on Earth. A month after the shocking conference, William Tompkins died... At first glance, all his statements are fantastic. But there are several facts that suggest that the ice of Antarctica is still hiding some terrible secret.

Let's recall the diary of the American Admiral Richard Byrd. In 1947, he and a squadron of 13 warships went to Antarctica. And the reason for the expedition was secret documents found in the archives of the General Staff of the Nazi Navy.

According to them, since 1938, under the ice of Antarctica, the Germans have been developing a new land - Swabia. To deliver cargo there, a huge transport ship "Noah Swabia" was built. Dozens of submarines were involved in the operation. A secret decree was ordered to select and send highly qualified specialists to the base without the right to return back. In 1945, after the defeat of Hitler, Soviet intelligence officers found a number of documents. They confirmed that Germany really mastered the subglacial space of Antarctica.

UFO sightings

After the war, the Americans landed in Antarctica and began building an airfield. But instead of 6 months, their expedition lasted a couple of weeks. Admiral Bird did not take seriously the warning about possible UFO encounters. And when the mysterious objects appeared in the sky, they opened fire on them. As a result, the squadron lost several submarines and several escort ships. Half of the planes were shot down. And two aircraft carriers were forced to turn back.

After returning, all journals, diaries, records, documents were seized and classified. Over time, most of the German developments and scientists in Germany ended up in the USA. It is quite realistic in this case to assume that Americans still managed to negotiate with the aliens and the secret bases of the fascists in Antarctica in the late 40s came under the control of the United States.

Three aliens landed in Las Vegas. We spent two weeks with them and then moved to Douglas. One girl was an engine specialist, the other was responsible for contacts with me. And there was a Nordic guy, he helped. Thanks to this meeting, the Apollo program began. They consulted

Tompkins told:

American newspapers of the late 40s of the last century are full of information about UFO sightings. Byrd's expedition was curtailed on March 3, 1947, and articles in the press began to appear as early as mid-May 1947. An interesting coincidence.

TNow we have two forces in space that are helping, they are from different parts of the galaxy. They bear the common name "Nordic aliens".


But why is nothing visible from satellites in Antarctica? And here the researchers made the assumption that these objects are hidden from the eyes of earthlings in a parallel world. From the point of view of science, this is not so improbable.

This is not our Earth. This is not our moon

This is not your planet, this is not your moon, humanity is actually an experiment for extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings. We are food.

William Tompkins:

This image was taken by a married couple in Carlsbad, California, analyzed by Northrop specialists in San Diego, California, and published by William Tompkins.

Cigar-shaped UFO

An enlarged image of a 900-foot Reptilian tanker that was found to be spraying a mixture of four gases over Ocean Side and Carlsbad, California. These gases are used to mentally control the population and spread viruses. Reptilian "contrails".

Our secret government also sprays chemicals in the air that help detect UFOs, as they disrupt the atmosphere, and for other more nefarious purposes, such as nanotechnology, which can be used as weapons. Contrails also have an additional "advantage" in that they hide the ongoing wars in space between our own forces and the forces of the aliens from the "Black Hats".

UFO sightings

In areas where people are becoming more aware of aliens, Reptiles don't want you to know that. Therefore, they spray harmful gas in these regions, in this case, Orange and San Diego County. Now they can do it once, or they can do it 5,000 times, but you won't be able to do what you set out to do because they will stop you.

William Tompkins:

This brings to the fore another point in which Tompkins spoke about the disclosure of information about those in power who are also under mental control, and we must take this into account when irrefutable evidence of their collusion with Reptiles is discovered.

Important information disclosed in his testimony

  • We, humanity, have been lied to for thousands of years. Everything we have been taught is wrong, from our religions to our universities and the cosmos itself.
  • We are not from this planet, and this planet is just one of the thousands under the control and domination of Reptiles. We are not humans, but aliens. We are an experiment, and the Earth is a laboratory.
  • Reptiles have controlled this planet for thousands of years. Most of the world's leaders are actually reptilian werewolves.
  • People (Cabal members) help Reptiles in conducting operations against humanity. Some, because of the similarity of their goals and values, willingly conduct satanic rituals and human sacrifices. Others are forced to obey, they have no choice (mental control, coercion).
  • However, there are many people who work with alien "White Hat" groups such as the Nordiques and the Blues to help in the fight against Reptilian domination.
  • Aliens from the "White Hats", primarily Blue and Nordic, worked with state corporations and universities on top-secret projects together with NASA and the US Armed Forces to develop an advanced Secret Space Program.
  • Since then, US military outposts have been established throughout the Solar System and beyond with the help of alien technology, including anti-gravity and electromagnetic engines. The Nova cargo ships were 40 times larger than the Saturn V rocket.
  • Contact with other alien civilizations has already occurred, and trade in rare earth minerals has already been established. This was done in order to gain additional allies in the fight against the reptilian threat.


William Mills Tompkins categorically stated that he was not a whistleblower. Unknown parties encouraged him to come forward to reveal and confirm what has been happening to humanity for centuries. William pointed out that we no longer have time to continue the slow disclosure of information about UFOs, because, in his words, "we need help." Help in solving the Reptile problem. But we are still not ready to accept this information yet. And for us, this is the realm of fiction. Nonsense, as they will surely write in the comments. Maybe delirium. But then how to explain all these indirect proofs that we don't know everything, and that the main information is hidden from us. Both from us, ordinary inhabitants of the planet, and from each other. Countries compete for the appropriation of new alien knowledge. And that's why it's all so classified... perhaps...

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Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

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Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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