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Guests with a radium trail: How the aliens stopped in a Buryat village on the eve of a powerful hurricane with victims

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Aliens with a radium trace

The object that landed on the top of the hill and the four humanoids that came out of it were well viewed by hundreds of people. It happened on May 16, 1990. The weather that spring on Lake Baikal turned out to be abnormally hot, the temperature broke all records. The air warmed up to +20 ° C, and the inhabitants of Siberia, unaccustomed to such generosity of the sun, began the tanning season already in the first days of April, and by the end of the month, it was already possible to swim in some reservoirs. This usually didn't happen until June.

So this day pleased the inhabitants of the border Kyakhtinsky district of Buryatia (A subject of the Russian Federation, a republic within it. It is part of the Far Eastern Federal District and the Far Eastern Economic Region.) with unusual heat. There was not a cloud over the village of Kudar-Somon (A village in the Kyakhtinsky district of Buryatia. The administrative center of the rural settlement "Kudarinskoe".), located in the valley of the Kudara River, on this day the air temperature reached +34 ° C. A hot haze engulfed the hills above the Kudara Valley, the air stood still. Women from the village later recalled: by lunchtime, the village was flooded with some strange yellow light.

Aliens with a radium trace

The black fabric on the skirts began to look faded, brown, white blouses and light curtains on the windows turned yellow, and for some reason, the faces of the locals turned gray. And after 14:25, a UFO flew to the village from Mongolia.

Guests from the sky

The villagers describe it in different ways. Some say that it was a "fireball", others believe that the color of the object was crimson silver. But everyone agrees that its dimensions were large - from 30 to 40 meters in diameter. At first, he hovered over the village, and then, zigzagging, landed on the flat, bald top of one of the Kudarinsky hills. Amazed by such attention of the heavenly guests, the villagers began to run out of their houses, someone grabbed binoculars to get a better look at the aircraft — the nearest peaks of the hills are located 500-700 meters from the extreme houses of the village. But many clear-sighted inhabitants of Kudar-Somon, even without any optical devices, saw four anthropoids appear from the disk, and one of them was clearly different from his comrades — he was in dark clothes and taller than them by a head. The others were dressed either in silver, or orange silver, or silver-crimson. At first, the quartet acted decisively and headed down the slope to the houses.

Aliens from the sky

The aliens were well examined by hundreds of inhabitants of the village. Some employees of the district consumer cooperative were about 50 people, others looked out of the windows, ran out into the courtyards. Olga Bukholtseva was sure that two of the aliens were women, and two more were men. Zoya Badmaeva came out of the house, as if someone had called her, and saw that the village was flooded with yellow-orange light, and a plate was shining on the hill. Marina Zimireva looked at the arrivals through binoculars, but she could not see their faces. She was sure that the "UFO" was an aircraft - it was spinning in place, and at one point the woman clearly saw the portholes.

Two people went to the hill to meet the visitors on a motorcycle — a local resident, the owner of the vehicle Agafonov, and a precinct officer Zimirev. But while the motorcycle was hurriedly overcoming the slope, a strange thing happened: the anthropoids, seeing Agafonov and the policeman hurrying towards them, hurriedly retreated back to their "UFO", and the "UFO" soared into the sky and immediately disappeared from sight.

The precinct officer and Agafonov, who climbed the hill, found only scorched grass, meter-long footprints from the "legs" of the spacecraft, and a huge semicircle pressed into the ground of the hill. The same traces were seen by local historian and historian Alexey Tivanenko, who climbed the hill two months after the incident. He said that at that time he was very surprised by the traces from the spacecraft — the soil of the hill was rocky, only an object of great weight could push it, but it was impossible to drag such a huge object onto the hill because of the steepness of the slope. Enthusiasts took samples of soil and soil from the landing site and sent them to Ulan-Ude, but the fate of the samples is unknown — either nothing was found in them, or they were simply thrown away, considering it something insignificant. But it is known for certain that the precinct officer Zimirev made a report about the incident and handed it over to the district police department of the district center — the city of Kyakhta. There, somewhere in the archives, it is still gathering dust.


I must say that Buryatia has always attracted guests from the sky. The first documented visit can be considered the visit of Khan Sharagai, noyon (secular rulers in Mongolia in the period from the Middle Ages to the first third of the XX century), who descended from the sky to the sacred mountain of Holma-Ula on the Ihe-Uhgun River in the Tunka Valley. In Buryat legends, it was said that Khan Sharagai (real man and a ruler like a king) was the main one among the heavenly deities - Khaats, who, according to the beliefs of the Buryats (an ethnic group of Mongols speaking the Buryat language, historically formed in the area of Lake Baikal and united by a common culture and history.), sit on the spurs of the Sayans (a common name for two mountain systems in southern Siberia). Since then, the hill has been revered as a holy place. It is curious that the hill above Kudara-Somon was not awarded such a status, after all, 70 years of atheism made themselves felt.

UFO sightings

In the Irkutsk Chronicles by N. Romanov, there is evidence that in Transbaikalia, in the village of Adrianovka, on July 1, 1904, at 22 o'clock, one of the Trans-Siberian railway trains was followed by a glowing object, which was then mistaken for a "sphere with windows". Beams of "rotating searchlights" radiated from the object in different directions. According to historians, the first balloons appeared on Lake Baikal only in 1914.

In 1985, a military skydiving instructor, now a rescuer of the local Search and Rescue squad, Andrei Shubin, in a military unit near Borzei, saw a gray-silver flying saucer through an anti-aircraft tube from the ground, which was right on the course of the helicopter from which the parachutists were about to jump. The plate hung silently in the sky and was not smooth, but grooved. Shubin managed to show it to his friend, after which the plate disappeared. According to the story of the rescuer, the day was hot, and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Lights over Lake Baikal

UFOs do not leave the region with their attention even now. Glowing objects are seen every now and then over the taiga, over the mountains at Shatoy, at Cape Svyatoy Nos, on Lake Ares. Sometimes they are luminous dots, sometimes disks or balls, sometimes they resemble a boomerang in shape. The Sobolkho Lake, formed on the site of a karst sinkhole, enjoys a bad reputation among local residents. Its true depth is still unknown, as there is permafrost at the bottom of the lake, which thaws and washes out all the time. Locals now and then see flashes of green glow under the water column and tell that herds of cattle and people disappear on the shores of the lake.

Local employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations told the capital's journalists how they once saw a huge disk on Lake Baikal. At first, rescuers noticed a glow in the depths of the lake, and then the object flew out of the water, hovered for a moment over the rescue vessel, literally blinding everyone with a bright white light, and immediately soared into the sky. No one even had time to grab a phone or a camera. The rescuers themselves described it as a disk with a diameter of half a kilometer. "The sight was amazing and terrifying at the same time," they recalled.

A ufologist from Buryatia, Roman Bezvodenskikh, began collecting evidence of people who had seen UFOs. In one of the videos, Roman's colleague Ayusha tells how he witnessed the appearance of two UFOs from Lake Baikal two kilometers from the passage connecting the Embassy yard with the main pool of the lake. The lights rose from the depths and silently flew over the boat, fairly scaring the fishermen with speed and size.

Lights over Lake Baikal

Of course, all these stories do not shed any light on the incident in Kudara-Somon. Whether they were really guests from outer space or some kind of demonic obsession, it is unclear. Perhaps it was a mirage, but then where did the footprints on the hill come from? Exactly two hours after the UFO appeared in Kudara-Somon, a terrible hurricane began in the neighboring Irkutsk region: the wind carrying dense masses of sand reached a speed of 40 m/s. Watching the hurricane, residents of the cities immediately dubbed it samum (dry, hot, strong local desert winds, flying in a squall and accompanied by dust-sand whirlwinds and a storm; a sand hurricane). This "samum" tore roofs off houses, easily felled trees, tore out factory gates, and overturned cars on the highway. 17 people died in an hour, 753 rural houses burned down. "Like in the war," eyewitnesses said, examining the ashes on the site of the village of Kitoy in the Angarsk district. 

With this article, our group wanted to show you the wide geography of UFO sightings, even in the most remote corners of our planet, various types of UFOs appear, both spherical and flying saucers. The UFO phenomenon is an international question that requires an answer from each of you!

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