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Aliens? They come from Alpha Centauri! CNI and CUT report

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Aliens? They come from Alpha Centauri!

The CUT Coordination Center (Centro Ufologico Taranto), run by Antonio De Comite, managed to find a sensational document, probably compiled by the Spanish CNI. These are four shocking and incredible pages that say that aliens exist, they are among us, they come from Alpha Centauri, and there are two types. The documents, according to the "meek" agent, were photographed in a hurry, and the last page with the signature of the officer who compiled the document was voluntarily omitted. 

The following was read in the doc:

CNI report aliens


Since the end of the 19th century, it has been noticed that unknown phenomena are secretly occurring on our planet and still manifested during the First and Second World Wars. Over the past decades, a variety of studies have been conducted that confirm that we are visited by extraterrestrials.

Since the mid-seventies of the twentieth century, many studies have been conducted to understand the origin of these visitors. This internal directive supplements past cases with current ones. It will be distributed to agents working in extraterrestrial airspace, and to Air Force agents belonging to the 1st and 2nd levels.

The relevant documentation is designed to take on this role by reading this document. The Authority will inform the Minister of Defence and, if the relevant party intervenes, of the relationship with the Government.

Typical precedents of the phenomenon

The history of the phenomenon is described in the following paragraphs. This information comes from the data available to various governments and States of our planet.

At the end of the 19th century (1866)

Observations made during this period indicated the presence of advanced extraterrestrial life, whose mission was primarily to observe and study our planet. It consisted of 10 cylindrical vessels with a length of 17 meters and a diameter of 3.5, as well as a watercraft or cargo ship measuring approximately 600 meters in length and 35 meters in diameter. The crew of the research vessels consists of 3 people who are assigned to conduct planetary surveys. The first decades of this activity passed unnoticed. The crew of the alien explorers consisted of 72 members of two genetically distinct species.

1st World War

Observations in that era were made by 37 autonomous research probes. During this period, several observation vessels have advanced to our planet.

After World War II

Prior events related to the war and the political climate led to a significant increase in alien visits.

Origin and characteristics

The two extraterrestrial races originate from the planetary system Alpha Centauri A, located almost 4.3 light-years from Earth, a star very similar to our Sun. We know of a colony on Tau Ceti 11.5 light-years away. The first race is a species almost identical to a human being and lives on three of the six planets of its system. Their technical level allowed them to place the planets of their system almost in the same orbit, which allowed them to colonize in optimal conditions. They speak a language that resembles Turkish in pronunciation. In some cases, they did not hesitate to attack the interceptors. This is a developed form of animals, they are divided by sex (males and females) and behave like mammals.

Their life expectancy should be several centuries, and maybe thousands of years. which is probably due to their advanced technology. This civilization is a democracy that resembles the civilization of the Earth. However, the governments do not specify but refer to the electoral process. They represent a Federation consisting of 3 clans that control the 3 planets they live on.

The second race is an extremely intelligent form of plant life, created by the first through genetic engineering, but despite its nature, it has an anthropomorphic appearance. The height is lower (1.5 m), the skin has a dark gray-green pigmentation. Morphology is exactly what the abductees, who gave them the name "Gray" in UFO slang, are talking about. Compared to the first race, they behave completely herd-like. They are used for logistics work and spacecraft control.

Standard extraterrestrial materials and logistics

Currently, it is estimated that more than 800 of these creatures are exploring our planet. It consists of 7 large transporters with a total population of more than 1,900 extraterrestrial beings. From 1927, they will have a logistics base between the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud.

Based on the currently accepted calculations made by Swiss experts, which take as a basis the successive waves and the logistical growth of visitors, we have come to the conclusion that they will be located at a distance of 200 to 210 astronomical distances. Units from our sun.

An antimatter-based energy source and they make long-duration space flights at least 60 light-years from their Sun. As for their weapons, they only used one, which causes a temperature of about 7,000 degrees Celsius on the metal of the attacking interceptors.


The motivation of the alien visitors seems to be motivated by an exceptional exploration of our planet. However, in some cases, they directly interfered with the development of events. Russia and India went so far as to disarm nuclear warheads intended for testing, which was interpreted as a warning. In other cases, they rejected interceptors after flying over closed airspace due to military decisions motivated by various events.

These actions were regarded as a direct provocation. However, the fact that they have such powerful weapons as antimatter bombs, but have not used them, gives a general impression that their mission is purely scientific.

Leaders and information disclosed

The visitors have been using a man and two women as Ground-level interlocutors since their first contact in 1967 in Ohio. Even if they act as ambassadors, they seem to be able to make certain decisions. Current research suggests that the trio may represent three government clans. Compared to humans, they give the impression of being 35 years old. They use the names Ajuk, Mild, and Sol, respectively. There were 7 meetings over a 36-year period, which seems to demonstrate their civilization's lack of interest in mass contacts with ours. Even if there is a discussion about analyzing the causes of these contacts, such as atomic explosions or the beginning of world wars on Earth, we could not find a satisfactory reason to explain them.

During the 1972 meeting with the United States, information about their civilization and history was revealed, but they were very reluctant to tell anything about their technology. They only confirm the presence of the aforementioned antimatter bombs and the existence of a logistics base between the Kuiper Belt and the Oort cloud.

As for the technology that allows them to travel, in 1990, the United States showed that they move at an incredible speed and that for a long time they were able to neutralize the effects of relativity and gravity in accelerations. The journey from their star to ours currently takes more or less the equivalent of one earth day.

As for the material and technical base that they have in our system, this can be explained by the presence in orbit of a large number of minerals that they will use to build their ships. The fact that their range of activity and research remains within about 60 light-years is contrary to their evolving technologies, and this suggests the existence of other extraterrestrial civilizations beyond this boundary, which may be of a hostile nature.

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