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Aerial fight with UFOs

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Aerial fight with UFO

Air Force Captain Edward J. In the 1950s, Ruppelt led the Blue Book project, whose task was to investigate all cases of unidentified flying objects. It was Rappelt who became the creator of the term "UFO", as he considered the phrase "flying saucer" stupid and untrue.

As you know, UFOs can have a variety of shapes, including very far from resembling a plate. Over the years, Rappelt recounted an incident that took place in 1952 and that he was asked not to include in official documents.

Plane attack UFO

One summer day, Ruppelt received a report of an incident near the airbase. Radar picked up a UFO moving toward the base at an undetectable altitude. Two F-86 fighters took off to intercept the object.

While searching at various altitudes, one of the fighters noticed a strange glow under him and went to study it. Soon he was near the UFO, which, according to the description of the pilot, looked like a " donut without a hole."

When the fighter approached the UFO, it increased its speed and began to move away.

Then the pilot began to shoot at UFOs from guns. Whether he managed to get there and whether the UFO was harmed is unknown. It was the fact of fire on UFOs and was the reason why Rappelt did not include a report on what happened in the official reports of the project "Blue Book". 

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