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Admiral Thomas Wilson leaked UFO documents

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Admiral Thomas Wilson leaked UFO documents

Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson, leaked documents on UFOs and corporate reverse engineering of alien technology. There are several important findings from Admiral Thomas Wilson's failed attempts to learn and gain access to the secret UFO program.

Which included a covert corporate effort to reverse engineer a recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft. As described in a leaked 15-page document obtained by Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron in November 2018 and uploaded to the internet on April 19, 2019.

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Admiral Wilson's inability to gain access to the secret UFO program confirms one of the main claims of Dr. Stephen Greer. The fact that high-ranking military officials are not aware when it comes to UFOs. Despite the obvious national security implications they carry. In the "list of fanatics" mentioned by Wilson in a conversation with Dr. Eric Davis, about who was granted access to the UFO program. Corporate employees dominated, and only a few Pentagon officials were informed about it. No one knew about it, from the executive and legislative branches of government.

Thomas Ray Wilson, Vice Admiral, United States Navy (USN). He was director of the Military Intelligence Agency from July 1999 to July 2002.

Thomas Ray Wilson, Vice Admiral, United States Navy (USN). He was director of the Military Intelligence Agency from July 1999 to July 2002.

This is very surprising, given the obvious national security implications of UFOs. In connection with these advanced technologies that they possess. And the possibility that they may or may have been armed by foreign States.

A few years later, this led to the creation of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) in 2007, with $ 22 million in Congressional funding. It is noteworthy that some of the major figures who participated in the briefing on UFOs Wilson. For example, Eric Davis also participated in the "AATIP" program.

The second conclusion is that corporations have gained an excessive amount of power. When it came to deciding who gets access to the unrecognized, revoked "saps" category. Which included the study of extracted extraterrestrial technologies. Corporate Surveillance Committee explicitly rejected Wilson's request for access to this data.

Leaked UFO documents

The first page of the documents.

What really surprised Admiral Wilson was that the Pentagon's senior review team managing the Special Access Program Oversight Committee (SAPOC). Also rejected his request for access, despite the fact that he was the deputy director of "DIA". And Deputy Director of Intelligence, V-J2, for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. All of this speaks to the power of corporations when it comes to who is truly responsible for research and development in extraterrestrial technologies.

Another conclusion is that Wilson's testimony reveals strong support for Kabbalah, according to the UFO study group. They carry out projects involving extraterrestrials in a way that avoids the usual government and military oversight. Leaked documents, 1947 1947 1947, refer to this control group as Operation Majestic 12 (Majestic 12, MJ-12).

"Majestic 12", a secret group consisting of twelve US officials. Involved in coordinating the study of UFOs.

"Majestic 12", a secret group consisting of twelve US officials. Involved in coordinating the study of UFOs.

Admiral Wilson's experience tells us that the UFO control group is real. And it has great power, thanks to its ability to limit the need for knowledge. To whom it provides them, regardless of the constitutionally fixed duties and positions of officials. Although it has long been known that US presidents and members of Congress were regularly excluded from the cycle of such projects related to UFOs. However, it was not known that this was happening to senior Pentagon officials until Wilson's 1997 briefing.

Fourth, who leaked the 15-page document to UFO researcher Grant Cameron in November 2018? Was it one or more "white hats" wanting the disclosure process to move forward by leaking one of the most important UFO documents ever publicly released? As claimed by UFO historian Richard Dolan, describing the documents as "the UFO leak of the century"! Dolan answered these questions in a blog post published on June 15, 2019. He noted that the source of Cameron's document is an Australian space and UFO enthusiast, James Rigney.

UFO historian Richard Dolan, Michael (Richard Michael Dolan).

UFO historian Richard Dolan, Michael (Richard Michael Dolan).

It is unlikely that these documents would ever find their way to anyone in the UFO research community. If not for the fact that for a number of years I was very active in the "space community". He belonged to a UFO organization in Australia, and made frequent trips to the United States to attend conferences and other events. On my way to the United States, I was lucky enough to meet several people who knew about my interest, knowledge, and authentic approach to UFO phenomena. And also about my passive and casual participation in the UFO community.

Richard Michael Dolan.

The events that led me to receive these documents. Were strangely the result of this strange and unlikely intersection of the usually incompatible fields of space and UFOs… Over the course of several years, I gained the trust of these people to the point where I was invited to review some classified documents. Copy what I wanted and put them in the right hands if I was sure it was appropriate. Of course, there was no "smoking gun"type of intrigue or discussion at the time.

Richard Michael Dolan.

Digby confirmed that the original source of the document was a person associated with the US space community. Who provided him with the document a few years ago. Speculation is growing that the leaked 15-page document came from the files of deceased Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. If so, who gave these documents to Mitchell? The most likely source is Davis, given his direct role in recording and summarizing the meeting with Admiral Wilson. But unfortunately, Davis did not comment on the 15-page document when contacted by email.

Tracking the final source of a document leak is very important. Given the current circumstances surrounding topics related to space and UFOs. The fact that the 15-page document was publicly uploaded on April 19 is significant. Given the recent public interest in US Navy pilots reporting UFO incidents. And the creation of the Space Force, as a new unit of the US Armed Forces.

Second page of documents.

The second page of documents.

Finally, three corporate officials on the "supervisory committee" denied access to the secret program. It was claimed that the reverse engineering of the extraterrestrial craft was very slow, and little progress was made over the years. Whether they were telling the truth or providing a cover for successfully engineered extraterrestrial technology. Which were secretly deployed in a secret corporate governance space program. Which was hidden from prying eyes and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In the secret space program of the US Air Force, there are various anti-gravity devices in size and shape. Which have been successfully reverse-engineered by corporate contractors, including Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks division. They began to be deployed in the 1970s and 1980s by the U.S. Air Force. This suggests that there are many secret projects. Which are associated with the research, development, and deployment of anti-gravity spacecraft, various military services, and corporate contractors.

In the leaked 15-page document, there is no indication of whether Admiral Wilson knew about the secret space programs carried out by the US Air Force and the US Navy. He simply expressed surprise that the UFO program pointed out to him by Stephen Greer and Edgar Mitchell. Which he didn't even know about included an extraterrestrial spaceship being retrieved. It is possible that Wilson was aware of military space programs. But just wasn't informed about the specific reverse engineering program. Which was performed by a corporate contractor for unknown purposes, one of which included the corporate Secret Space Program (SSP).

Perhaps not coincidentally, the leaked transcript and summary of a 2002 conversation between Admiral Wilson and Dr. Davis. Appears when the US Space Force is about to officially form. The US Congress is preparing to pass a law authorizing the creation of the space force as a separate branch of the US armed forces. Under the direction of the U.S. Department of the Air Force. The emergence of space forces will eventually solve many questions and problems. Raised by Admiral Wilson, during an investigation into the corporate reverse engineering program back in 1997. And the secret construction of anti-gravity spacecraft. Several corporate contractors, for the U.S. military or other unknown clients.

The space force will also provide a strong institutional framework for uncovering many secrets. Related to anti-gravity technologies, alien life, reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technologies, and secret space programs. This conversation leak comes at an opportune time to advance the disclosure process. And space forces are the most likely institutional catalyst for all.

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