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A woman named Gail was abducted by aliens in the USA

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A woman named Gail was abducted by aliens in the USA

On July 2, 1987, we received a phone call from a 36-year-old woman living in Toms River, New Jersey. Let's call her Gail. She wrote down our phone number during a radio talk show we were doing in Newark. In Gail's voice, there was a strong concern because some flashes of sounds, signals like sparks, were constantly reflected in her head.

The story of the first encounter

Gail tried to scream, but she couldn't-she could only control her eyes. The senior of the group approached her from the right side of the bed, the other creature remained standing at the foot, and the third stood to her left. The creatures on either side put their hands under her head and lifted her up. According to Gail, their hands were as cold as ice-just like the hands of the dead.

The only thing she wanted was for them to stop touching her skin, but she was helpless. The one on the left took out a tube from somewhere, which resembled tightly compressed cotton wool, and began to push it through the woman's left nostril. An incredible pain pierced her head, and Gail lost consciousness. She still remembers feeling as if she was falling from a great height — and that's it, the brain turned off.

Alien abduction

Further in her memory - already waking up at eight in the morning. Her head was pounding. When she went to the bathroom, blood began to flow from both nostrils. She felt as if there was something in her nose, but she didn't find any external signs of it. She looked at herself in the mirror — it seemed that her nose was swollen and swollen. She also noticed a rash on her legs and neck, as well as a minor rash on her hands.

All-day Gail hoped that everything she saw and experienced was just a bad dream, she didn't want to believe what had happened. She tried to block this episode in her mind. When her daughter arrived in the evening, Gail began to tell her about the incident last night. No sooner had she finished her narration than her daughter began to shake. Then her daughter confessed that on the same night, at about the same time, she and her father saw a UFO following them along Highway 116 near Croton Falls, New York.

It was large and triangular in shape

She said:

Close contact with aliens again

At the end of June 1987, resting in bed in the evening, she suddenly felt unwell. It seemed to her that someone was watching her. The time was approaching 10 o'clock, she was at home all alone — her 17-year-old daughter was visiting her father in Croton Falls, New York. So Gail was alone. Suddenly she heard a voice, he said:

We came for you... we won't hurt you

They said:

She was lying on her back and suddenly realized that her body seemed to be paralyzed. It didn't move, only her eyes moved — she could only look in different directions. Three strange creatures were standing at the entrance to the bedroom. According to Gail, they were wearing something resembling a tight-fitting dark-colored tracksuit. They stood in formation, one after the other.

While Gail watched their actions in fear, she realized that the one who was standing first, it seems, cannot enter the room. There was a feeling that some invisible shield was preventing this, blocking the way. The stranger raised his hands as if trying to push this shield away. The light in the bedroom was dimmed, and Gail couldn't see their faces well. She was able to roughly estimate their height — it was about five feet. Their arms were disproportionately long.

The senior of the group took something resembling an antenna out of his pocket and began to unscrew one of the elements. The antenna flashed green. He let her through the doorway, and the barrier preventing them from entering the room was removed. The trio entered the bedroom unhindered. When they were in the bedroom, Gail was able to get a closer look at them. They had big heads and cat-like eyes set wide apart at the edges of their faces. She did not hear the aliens talking aloud, but it was clear that they somehow communicated with each other, and for several minutes followed the car, almost touching the crowns of the trees.

Third close encounter with aliens

Gail's swelling, rash, and headaches continued for several more days, but her story doesn't end there. A few weeks later, she called us again and told us that everything had happened again. Gail reported:

The creatures returned at the same time at night. They did the same thing again as the first time. During their entry into my bedroom, it looked as if I was scrolling through a tape already familiar to me with the recording of their first visit. They had the same problems when they tried to enter me, and their senior again used the same rod. And that night the daughter was with her father, however, this time her meeting with a UFO did not take place

Gail said:

There is something in the descriptions of these meetings that is imperceptible at first glance. The daughter and father could not have suspected what our colleague, ufologist Bud Hopkins calls "a waste of time." And such a loss of time in the case of a daughter and her father could be up to thirty minutes that were not noticed by either one or the other, an interval of time during which events occur that no one can account for...

UFO contacts continue in the lives of Gail and her daughter to this day. Primary data suggest that both mother and daughter have a long experience of communicating with the mind behind unidentified flying objects. This experience probably dates back to Gail's childhood: even then she told her mother for the first time that some little man had entered her room through the wall and taken her away with him.

Summing up, I would like to note that there are many gaps in this story. In particular, we have not been able to find. what kind of radio program was it and who was the host.  The contactee has hidden real data. If we assume that the information is reliable, then according to the description we again meet with diseases, we have already made similar conclusions in one of the articles, which you can read here. In this case, Gail's condition speaks in favor of this version. And also an unwillingness to tell whether she went to the doctor. The only thing that allows us to confirm the woman's version is the testimony of her husband and daughter, who saw a UFO at the same time. However, the presence of a husband and daughter. and also their testimony - also only from her words.

About author:

Ufologist, PhD, blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon

Serg Toporkov

Ufologist, Ph.D., blogger, I go on my own expeditions for UFOs. I use scientific methods to investigate the UAP phenomenon. Write to me

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