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Sensation! What are the industrial exhibitions of the 19th century hiding from us! Alternative history!

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Sensation! What are the industrial exhibitions of the 19th century hiding from us! Alternative history!

The reason for this video was numerous materials that were finally able to systematize into a single whole. As you understand, it will be about industrial exhibitions that were held in many countries both in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. The Russian Empire was not an exception, in which these exhibitions were held regularly until 1917, after which they stopped for obvious reasons.

But strangely enough, in other countries and even on other continents, with a slight delay in time, they also stopped. Maybe there is some kind of causal relationship here? Let's figure it out.

The industrial production facilities presented there still impress with their technology and scale. Is our modern industry inferior to the previous one that was more than 100 years ago? Surprisingly, for all the variety of exhibitions in Russia and in other countries, there are very few materials containing their photo catalogs. Moreover, there is an unimaginable number of digitized text reports and catalogs for these exhibitions.

1900 Paris Exposition are considered to be the most famous exhibitions. All interested countries exhibited their products there, and it was this exhibition that set the tone in the global development of everything from art to the military industry.

To keep up with the trend, as they say now, such exhibitions were organized at the state level, in addition to Europe, even in the countries of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. There is a lot of preserved information about such events on the web. But we'll start with Paris. For more information, see our video...

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