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A shadow alien at a military base

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A military technician collided with flying balloons and a shadow man while guarding a nuclear facility

Former US Air Force nuclear weapons technician Adrian Reister described glowing orbs hovering around a heavily guarded base in Missouri and his face-to-face encounter with a "shadow man."  The Cruiser, which has an honorary award, has now become the latest in a long line of American servicemen who reported strange unidentified flying objects that showed interest in US nuclear facilities. Adrian Reister served at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, between 2003 and 2007 and had extensive knowledge of the aircraft that took off from this base, including the high-tech B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. And on at least two occasions, he saw something in the sky above the base that did not fall under any type of aircraft known to him. The racer was part of a special team that was engaged in the protection of nuclear weapons at the base, as well as trained in handling them and ensuring safety when moving them around the base.

shadow alien

In a recent interview with Liberation Times, Reister said the following:

I noticed a speck of light or a shining ball hovering over the top of the tree line. At first I thought it was just a star, but as I continued to observe the terrain, this light/sphere flew up over the treetops and hovered there for a while. Then I thought maybe it was a satellite


But then, when a transport group arrived to pick up a batch of weapons, the balloon jumped a little in the sky, then abruptly jerked to the left to the north, after which it also abruptly jerked 90 degrees straight up and disappeared. Sometime later, he had a similar experience at the base when he noticed a "lonely glowing ball" emitting a yellowish-white color. But even this was not the strangest experience that Reister experienced during his stay at this nuclear base. In the summer of 2006, while working the night shift to maintain a mock-up of a training bomb, Reister encountered what he describes as a "shadow man."

At first, he just heard footsteps — but it was not the familiar sound of one of his comrades from the Air Force in standard army boots. The mysterious intruder seemed to be slapping barefoot on the floor of the maximum-security base. Having twice heard the noise from these footsteps, Reister went there to check and experienced a "chilling" encounter with something not at all human.

I saw what I cannot describe otherwise, as a kind of black mass having the outline of a man about 6 feet (182 cm) tall. In fact, it wasn't even a shadow, but something slightly blurred and not reflecting any light


Since the base was constantly well guarded, it was almost impossible for an outsider to gain access to its secret internal parts unnoticed. But someone or something managed to get very close to the nuclear weapons depots that night without hitting any alarms, and Reister never found the intruder.

When I ran along the wall from the support section to the administrative area, I searched it up and down, there aren't many places to hide in this section, just a few offices and a recreation room. I was thorough in my search, but I was still left empty-handed


According to Reister, no one enters or leaves the base without going through the front security doors. All the other doors were locked at that time and had protective seals that would break if the door was opened. If this happens, the US Air Force security forces will be notified of the violation. But nothing of the kind was recorded.

For many years, Reister was silent about what he saw, but these days the US military is much more open to reports of UFO sightings and other oddities, especially when suspicions are expressed that these UFOs may be potentially advanced technologies controlled by a foreign power (consider Russia or China).

It was this new openness that made Reister feel like he could tell his story today. Details of similar reports dating back several decades suggest that the mysterious objects encountered by the US military were something more than just a very fast Chinese-made drone.

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